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5 Fastest Courier Services in India You Must Know


In today’s e-commerce world, many brick-and-mortar stores have transformed into e-commerce outlets, convenient and fast courier service and same-day delivery are an absolute necessity. For everyone selling physical things to clients, the shipping must be handled online through the eCommerce shipping method.

With the ever-increasing demand for e-commerce, delivery services have experienced an increase in profits. As a result, more shipping businesses enter the market, and this increases competitiveness. Courier services may differ from one company to another.

Choosing the most appropriate courier partner who can assist you in delivering your products quickly and at the lowest possible cost, on the other hand, can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. Considering different elements, such as timely delivery, pricing, tracking capability, available systems for integration, type of the commodities to be supplied, and many others. 

While you seek out a fast courier service in India, ensure that you include all of the following characteristics.

  • Delivery Speed

Consider using fast courier services that are quick to ensure that your consumers keep coming back. Some customers may request and even pay more money for super-fast delivery in specific instances.

 When such circumstances arise, it is best to use a courier service that offers various delivery options. These shipping and delivery services ensure that you have products available for many people with diverse needs.

  • Dependability

When it comes to delivering items to their customers’ doorsteps, workplaces, or other collecting sites, many consumers will trust excellent courier services rather than regular people.

Using a courier service helps you establish confidence with your clients, resulting in a more significant extension of your business. It is important to remember that a fast courier company that provides you with answers is always more dependable than one that causes you to be concerned and filled with questions. 

  • Track Shipments

Many courier companies provide a tracking system that allows you to keep track of your delivery in real-time, which is convenient. This minimizes the chance that the item will get lost in transportation, and in the event of an incident, you can respond quickly.

Top 5 Fastest Courier Service Companies in India

For the fastest delivery searches, we have compiled a list of the five best companies in the industry to help you.

  • BlueDart

When it comes to companies that have grown from the bottom up to become massive enterprises that deliver in India and throughout the world, BlueDart is a great example. Starting as a small-scale operation with regional routes spanning 5-6 major cities and only two aircraft, BlueDart has grown into a pan-India brand, known for its fast courier, tamper-proof, and guaranteed deliveries.

Since it owns many aircraft, it can give super-fast delivery if that is desired. However, it will charge a premium for this service. Furthermore, if the delivery deadline is not met, the company offers a money-back guarantee.

Blue Dart is a highly awarded logistics partner and has established itself as trustworthy, swift, and has used Temperature Controlled Logistics to help reduce the risk of COVID-19. The brand was brought over from DHL (one of the world’s most renowned express and logistics networks), due to which it has gained access to one of the world’s largest and most well-established express and logistics networks.

  • FedEx

In addition to speedily delivering items, FedEx provides a money-back guarantee for all customers who experience any problems with their shipment. If you think paperwork is a hassle when you courier it, you haven’t dealt with FedEx. Its simple shipment documentation and complimentary packing distinguish it as a profitable worldwide player in the business.

You can contact their worldwide customer service centres at any moment, monitor your deliveries in real-time, and even acquire proof of parcel delivery if you so want. FedEx keeps pace with the most recent changes to rules and regulations, allowing it to provide quick and straightforward customs clearance.

  • Ekart

Ekart Logistics, which is owned by Flipkart and serves as the company’s in-house package delivery division, has experienced explosive growth. Ekart has created a name for itself for a decade by delivering more than 10 million packages every day to more than 3800 pin codes across India. It also enabled Flipkart to establish cash on delivery, in-a-day assurance, and fast courier guarantee in their supply chain.

  • Delhivery 

Delhivery, based in India, has a reach of more than 18000 pin codes in more than 2500 locations. Because of its low prices, super fast courier delivery, and digital platforms, Delhivery can assist you in reaching your clients even if your company is still in its early stages or even at the very beginning of its journey.

Delhivery’s massive increase is 75 hubs, 85 distribution facilities, and the organization’s current operational capacity is 5000 trucks per day. It has significantly reduced the delivery time for products and services to around 24 hours. Besides parcel delivery, they even provide warehouses, freight forwarding, reverse logistics, and international and technological services.

  • DTDC

DTDC operations are supported by efficient technology that incorporates features such as end-to-end tracking. Also, the availability of data on the web for client reference and automatic reports allow the company to manage a vast number of trips without experiencing any difficulties.

DTDC provides a fast courier and corporate tracker service for e-commerce websites that must deliver many goods each day, such as shipping companies. Business owners can use this function to log in to their DTDC customer site and track the progress of their incoming and outgoing shipments.


When you are just getting started with your web business and wish to be the proprietor of a successful enterprise, fast courier services are your best choice when it comes to expanding your e-commerce firm. But do you want to ship with the quickest and most trusted logistics partners?

Just ship via Pickrr and choose from a wide range of services to deliver your orders. Pickrr is a shipping aggregator that can transport goods throughout India and covers around 220 countries worldwide. Pickrr logistics serves to develop trust, with reliable customer support options and all-time dashboard monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What characteristics distinguish a convenient courier service? 

Before picking a courier company, look into their credibility, regional coverage, years of industry experience, technical expertise, range of offerings, employee strength, and turnaround time for inter-city deliveries.

  • What services does a courier company provide? 

Depending on the company, shipping options include overnight, express, domestic, international, cash on delivery, pay on delivery, reverse pickup, and customs clearance. COD payment, on-demand delivery, and reverse pickup all contribute to the smooth transaction experience.

  • What kinds of firms require courier services? 

Courier services are necessary for any item that needs to be transported from one location to another. Most enterprises, large and small, in e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, education, and the finance sector use courier services to get their goods to market.

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