All About eCommerce Delivery Tracking Management Software

All About eCommerce Delivery Tracking Management Software

In this fast-paced world of online shopping, we depend a great deal on the internet. Whether it’s to check the status of purchases, ensure quick and accurate delivery, or for various other reasons, internet has become a crucial aspect of our shopping habits.

However, tasks like tracking packages and managing deliveries can be quite troublesome, even for an eCommerce store owner. This is why courier service software has become so popular as a solution for eCommerce sellers’ aid.

Many people have made eCommerce delivery tracking much more manageable by using software specifically for courier tracking and management.

What are the Different Modules Involved in the Delivery Tracking Management Software?

The software is made up of different modules, and here are some of them:

1) Order tracking module

This allows you to track your customers’ orders from when they make payments until the time the product reach the destination. You will also be able to track the location of your drivers. This feature helps you to customise your delivery (time) estimates.

2) Drivers/routes module

This module lets you keep track of your drivers’ locations, routes, and ETA’s. This helps you work more efficiently, primarily if your company relies on timely deliveries. It also helps reduce driving costs and ensure that your drivers don’t take unnecessary detours or drive too fast. You can even monitor the safety awareness of your drivers through this module.

3) Customer tracking module

This allows you to keep track of all customer interactions with your business such as order status, shipping status, shipment confirmations, and email responses. You will also monitor customer purchases over time to determine what products they buy most often, which can help inform future business decisions about new product development.

Delivery Tracking Management Software

Features of the eCommerce Delivery Tracking Management Software

The eCommerce delivery tracking management software lets you have complete control over all your packages regarding their routing and helps you track the package in real-time. This ensures that there are no delays regarding deliveries and hence, improves customer satisfaction.

1) Location visibility

The eCommerce delivery tracking software allows the customers to track their products in real-time. It also provides shipping rate calculation for every method of delivery which helps to calculate the total shipping costs for every shipment as per the requirement.

2) Tracking of shipment

The software also enables the users to track their shipment through different modes of transport like air, rail, water, or road. It also provides information on estimated transit times and transit schedules and routes. The business owner can view the shipment status concerning any particular order or shipment.

3) Multiple packages

The software allows its users to track multiple packages at one go, making it convenient to manage all their shipments. The system provides various delivery management methods such as local delivery, domestic delivery, international delivery, etc.

4) Data security

The eCommerce delivery tracking management software provides secure data encryption and authentication.

Benefits of the eCommerce Delivery Tracking Management Software

The benefits of the eCommerce delivery tracking management software are as follows:

1) You will be able to monitor the progress of your orders at any time. If you want to see where your shipment is, or if you’re going to get an update on the status of a particular order, you can do so without having to call customer service and wait on hold for hours.

2) You will be able to save time and money by not having to follow up with customers about orders that haven’t been shipped yet.

3) eCommerce businesses need to offer accurate information about their shipments to build trust and create loyal customers. The software empowers them to do so.

4) The more informed your customers are about their orders, the happier they would be with your business.

5) Many people prefer shopping online because it allows them to remain in the comfort of their own homes. They don’t have to worry about missing a delivery with the delivery tracking management software. They can sit back and wait for their package, knowing it will be delivered right on time.

How does eCommerce Delivery Tracking Management Software Works?

eCommerce delivery tracking management software automates the process of keeping track of all your shipments. It can be used to trace packages, optimise routes and ensure that you are compliant with all regulations. Let’s take a closer look at how eCommerce delivery tracking management software works.

Tracking information is entered into the software by users in the company. They enter the pick-up and drop-off addresses and the package weight, dimensions, and other relevant details. The software generates a barcode for each package and creates labels that allows the parcel to be scanned along its journey.

The software also manages all logistics, including calculating shipping costs based on weight, distance traveled, and other factors. It will even email the recipient when a shipment is expected to arrive, so they know to be at home to accept the package.

Finally, it reports total cost, average delivery time, and average pick-up time for internal staff and external contractors. This information can optimise future delivery routes and staffing needs for maximum efficiency.

Why is a Delivery Tracking System Critical for Businesses that Ship out their Products?

eCommerce delivery tracking management software is a complete solution for managing your entire delivery business. It provides real-time, on-demand tracking and shipping information for all shipments and allows you to create customer groups and monitor customer behavior. It also simplifies logistics operations by enabling you to store tracking data at one place, view multiple carriers on one screen, and track shipments across pages.

Delivering goods from the store or warehouse to the buyer is not always easy. It involves several people and steps before it reaches its destination point safe and sound. The eCommerce delivery tracking management software helps solve this problem by providing the customer with all the information about their purchase to track their package or when it will reach them easily.

Wrapping Up

The eCommerce delivery tracking management software makes your work easier and saves time. The software also allows you to monitor the parcel status at any given time without wasting time in calling each courier company separately. This is an easy way to access parcel tracking details without spending hours on them. Tracking is also done in real-time, which means you can get the updates straight away once the courier company does it.

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