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All you need to know about Non-Delivery Report (NDR)

Non-Delivery Report is one of the most common terms used in the shipping and logistics sector. A Non-Delivery Report or NDR is a receipt that shows you the orders which could not be delivered and the reason for their non-delivery.

Shipment Process: An Overview

Before we dive into the systems to ensure flawless delivery, let’s highlight the process quickly. 

An e-com provider starts by building a contract with either a courier provider, delivery agency, or a carrier aggregation like Pickrr. These are all platforms that work as the shipping and logistics partners to this business. 

With an aggregator, the business can pick a different carrier each time, find the best cost-benefits, and ship more pin codes. They also come with system integrations and a unified dashboard that allows you to manage all your shipments from a single point. 

Once a consumer activates an order, the same reflects on this dashboard. Using multiple warehouses and an effective supply-chain management system, these are then processed for shipping. An AI-powered aggregator will use a sophisticated approach to find the best possible delivery partner. This call depends on factors like deadlines, costs, and reach. 

Once the orders are seamlessly shipped, the dashboard also allows the business to track them in real-time and gather data about the efficiency of the providers. This data can further help the e-com business understand consumer behaviour. 

The big question here is; what if the receiver is unavailable at the drop-off location? Or what if the delivery details entered are incorrect. There must be a system in place to help return these goods to the warehouse. It’s also critical to track these data for further actions. 

It’s at this stage that an NDR, Non-Delivery report, or an RTO, return to origin is a massive game-changer.    

What is Non-Delivery Report or NDR? 

Non-Delivery Report and Return to Origin are the most often used jargon in the e-com and logistics industry

A Non-Delivery Report, or NDR, is a receipt that indicates the orders that failed to fulfil. They also indicate the cause and reasons for their non-delivery. They are given a choice to reattempt the delivery at a different time or return the shipment to the origin. At this time, the business can decide on how to protect the package. 

Most aggregators provide a set number of attempts and for this NDR to fulfil. If numerous NDRs are raised on the same consignment, they are shipped back to the origin address. This is also called RTO. 

How Does Using an Aggregator Help?

The basis of an e-com business depends on efficiency returns and reattempts. For starters, most aggregators come with a well-integrated dashboard that allows making these actions easier. Adding convenience is elementary, and these in-app features make it possible. 

The aggregator can also use multiple delivery partners and drop-off locations to ensure better safety for the package. While they are also possible with a single delivery partnership, using a well-equipped tool can help enhance the efficiency by up to five per cent.  

Furthermore, you can connect these data with real-time tracking and automated alerts. For example, your consumers will automatically receive an SMS or Email when an NDR is activated. This also places the customer and the e-com business on the same page. 

Advantages of a Non-Delivery Report

Here are a few advantages of having an NDR on your logistics tools. 

  • Protect consignment from loss, damage, or misplacement. 
  • Save on the cost of communication between client, consumer, and delivery partners. 
  • Provide better customer service and gain higher user satisfaction.  
  • Automated networks make the task faster and efficient. 
  • Reduce manual labour and paperwork.
  • Gather data about supply-chain efficiency and user behaviour. 

In Closing

Simple in-app features like this make a tool like Pickrr the perfect choice for any business. Logistics and delivery are the lifelines of an e-com business, and they are sure to fail without automation. The right tool must come with all such features to smoothen business operations. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know my package is successfully delivered?

Using timely SMS and email alerts, the client and business are constantly updated about the shipment in real-time. 

How can I track orders across different carriers?

On the dashboard, you can check the order status of your deliveries across multiple carriers. To monitor your package, enter your tracking number, and it presents all the data in a single place.

What if my order gets damaged during delivery or return?

Most aggregators, like Pickrr, cover damages up to an agreed-upon claim amount. This is during a rare situation of unfulfilled deliveries due to in-transit damage.

Can the e-com business change the delivery address after order confirmation or NDR?

We change the delivery destination if the address lies in the same pin code as the earlier address.

Will my customers get alerts about their order status? 

Yes, the platform helps communicate with clients by SMS and email at regular intervals to keep them up to date on their orders.

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