Comparing Courier Delivery Charges in India

With eCommerce, businesses have the power to reach hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. Given its enormous potential, it’s not a surprise that eCommerce logistics providers are experiencing a great demand across the country.

The eCommerce business owners want to ensure that each order is delivered on time and without damage. And this is where the role of courier delivery services comes into play. Choosing the right courier logistics provider helps you ensure that your profit margins are not affected by the shipping cost.

Hence, this blog post shortlists some of the best courier services in India that boast of the highest success rate in the country.


FedEx has reasonably competitive prices for international and domestic destinations, one of the top courier services in India and worldwide. The charges can vary from 32 – 72 INR for 500 gm, depending on the pickup and delivery area.

What’s more, you can choose from a wide variety of shipping alternatives. However, the only disadvantage is that FedEx international couriers may not cover some regions.  


In business since the 90s, DTDC boasts of an extensive network across India. The downside, however, is that small businesses may find DTDC courier charges a bit on the higher side. The charges of DTDC are between 27-48 INR for 500gm, depending on the pickup and delivery area.

Established eCommerce businesses, on the other hand, may find courier charges of DTDC affordable. The shipping giant has already reached 220 countries across the globe.

Moreover, they offer other services such as last-mile delivery and door-to-door delivery services.


Delhivery is a reliable and affordable shipping partner of leading and upcoming eCommerce businesses. Even though they are an emerging player in the industry, they have quickly garnered the trust of business owners, thanks to their top-notch services. Delhivery charges vary from 27-48 INR for 500 gm according to the package’s dimensions and the pickup and delivery area. 

They have become a go-to shipping partner of eCommerce businesses because of reasonable Delhivery courier charges and on-time delivery. Due to all the reasons mentioned above, they continue to multiply.

EKart Logistics 

India’s largest logistics and supply chain arm, offering seamless end-to-end fulfillment services for businesses. eKart aims to provide a superior customer experience and hassle-free logistics. Ekart courier charges or fees are not static, and it changes each time you booking. Courier rate depends on destination, source of origin, parcel weight, and the type of service you prefer, and for Ekart, it is 27-54 INR per 500 gm.

Most emerging eCommerce businesses trust Ekart logistics for their quick and dependable service. You can calculate rates by login their dashboard. Signup free and find the booking option at the top of the bar. You will only know the exact shipping charges at the time of pick up.

Final Thoughts

To calculate an accurate shipping price, you can visit the official website of specific courier delivery services and then compare the prices. The companies mentioned in this list are some of India’s most trusted shipping partners of eCommerce businesses. 

On average, most of them charge INR 30-90 for every 500 gm. However, the charges vary according to the size and weight of the package, pickup location, and delivery location.

You can check out Pickrr, a logistics aggregator that covers every pin code in India. Not just that, they ship to more than 200 nations worldwide. When it comes to affordability, they levy zero subscription charges. Pickrr has partnered with leading courier companies such as FedEx, Blue Dart, Delhivery, Ekart Logistics, and many more to keep the courier delivery charges as low as possible.

Since these companies vary in operations and size, they have different standard rates. This list helps eCommerce business owners make intelligent decisions and saves them the time needed to shortlist the best courier services in the first place.


Which is better – courier or post office?

While you do enjoy affordable shipping rates with postal services, courier services are faster and more reliable. With postal services, people often face infrequent tracking, longer delivery times, and substandard customer service.  

What are the best courier services in India?

Besides FedEx, DTDC, and others mentioned in the list, other courier delivery services in India are worth mentioning. GATI, Safe Express, DHL, and Aramex are some of the great names in the shipping industry. 

Which courier services are most reliable?

The best delivery companies in India for reliability are FedEx, Blue Dart, DTDC, Gati, DHL, Amaze, and Ecom Express.  

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