Packaging for eCommerce

Different Types of Packaging for eCommerce

eCommerce businesses in India are at an all-time boom. There is sufficient technology, logistical support, and online tools to ensure excellent supply-chain options.  

However, a great business cannot sustain itself merely on tools. This is why factors like branding, packaging, and product assurance are all essential. Below, aim to decipher the best types of packaging and understand their advantage. 

What Makes a Good Packaging? 

Here are a few factors that help you understand if your present packaging is doing its job: 

The Right Size

This includes the proper length, breadth, and height of the shipment. They must complement the size of the consignment without it being too tight or loose. You must keep in mind that it’s also just the right weight; this comes from the material used for the packaging. 

Product Specific 

Packaging cannot be a one-size-fits-all solution. They should match the shape of the product as well. The same is also adjustable with the help of packing foam, bubble wrap, and much more. 

The need for waterproofing, multi-layer protection, un-foldable casing, etc. They should also align with the nature of the product to promise safety. This is especially needed when your products are those of high value. 

Brand Specific 

The condition of your packaging also speaks volumes about your brand. This means that the quality and branding on the packaging are essential. They must also reflect your brand. For example, a premium brand cannot use low-cost or cheap packaging. 

Types of Packaging for E-Commerce 

Getting to the crux of the matter, what are the various types of packaging for e-commerce? We can break these into two essentials: Outer packing and Protection material. Here is a complete guide. 

Outer Packing 

The most cost-effective and readily available outer packing are flyer bags and corrugated/cardboard boxes. Based on the nature of your product, you can pack them at your desired thickness. The packages come in double or triple walled designs for fragile items like electronics or glass. 

These are highly stable, widely used, and can hold a range of weights from five kilograms to thirty kilograms as per your size and thickness. 

The flyer bag is easy to tear but a highly sturdy packet that consumes lesser space and weight. These are ideal for unbreakable products like clothes or wires. The same is also used as an outer cover on the existing packing of your products. 

For example, if your product comes in a classy corrugated box of its own, with your branding or details, these flyer bags act as a protective layer. They also weigh lower and can hold up to five kilograms of weight. 

Protection Packing 

The protection packing is typically used inside the outer packing to reduce the risk of damage during shipping. These are functional and could increase the weight of your parcels; however, one cannot risk not using them. 

These are simple materials like foam sheets, foam peanuts, air-pockets, old crumpled paper, and bubble wrap. They are all ideal for different types of packaging. For example, a bubble wrap or foam sheet is usable as cushioning or space filler to avoid movement. However, wrinkled papers do not provide protection; they merely work as stuffing. 

One can also purchase tailor-made packaging that comes with corrugated inserts. You may recognize these when you buy a cart of wine, oils, or other glass sets. 

How Do You Determine Packaging? 

Here are a few ways you can determine what kind of packaging you need for your business. 

  • Study the size and shape of the product and determine what kind of boxes you will need. 
  • Make a list of damages or accidents that may incur during shipping, and then purchase your protective material appropriately. 
  •  Find a vendor who provides quality material from a verified source. 
  • Testing is key. Ship a few samples of your packaging to friends and family and request feedback. 
  • Do not over or under pack. This could affect your overhead costs in the long run. 

Why is Packaging Critical? 

While you do understand the utility of this exercise, here is why they are elementary for a sustainable e-com business. 

  • They protect your goods and products from damage during shipment. 
  • They ensure you do not incur damages from returned products. 
  • It makes it easier for courier partners or shipment aggregators like Pickrr to handle your shipments. 
  • Provide better customer persecution about your company and help uplift your brand reputation. 
  • Good packaging is a salient feature of e-com. When done right, they can encourage repeat business. 
  • It allows you to market your brand to put thought into shipment and allows for flawless delivery records. 

In Closing

Once you determine what packaging you need and understand how much they cost, ensure you cater to changing size and customer demands. Do not hoard raw materials as they may deteriorate over time.   

Planning is key, and flawless execution takes time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are a few other ways to improve product packaging? 

Apart from boxed and protection material, one can also use creates, wrapping paper, vacuum packing method, shock mounts, and much more. 

Does Pickrr provide packaging?

No, the packaging is critical to the brand, and each likes to do this their way. For this reason, an aggregator like Pickrr will not provide packaging. 

Is Pickrr good? 

Pickrr is one of the top-rated carrier aggregators in the country. They have a very high consumer rating and collaborate with some of the most renowned courier partners. 

What is the primary function of packaging? 

We can summarize the need for packaging as containment, adding communication labels, protecting goods, and creating an impression. 

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Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

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