Channel Integration With Pickrr

Easy Channel Integration With Pickrr

If there’s one answer to “why do people love online shopping“, it would be – convenient.

The convenience of choosing from a myriad of products/services and getting them delivered at the comfort of their homes.

And a massive part of that convenience is getting their packages as fast as possible, which is why customers gladly pay $119 a year for Amazon prime membership.

Considering the delivery perks offered by Amazon, including the free two-day shipping, weekend delivery, and order tracking, this is a fair bargain for customers. And eCommerce businesses need to incorporate this convenience into their online business.

How exactly?

By integrating their website with the best courier service for eCommerce, such as FedEx, Delhivery, and others. However, this blog post will talk about easy website integration with Pickrr – an all-in-one shipping solution for your eCommerce business.

We will also talk about eCommerce shipping and fulfilment in general.

Let’s dive right into it!

Why Collaborate With a Logistics Partner?

eCommerce business owners invest a lot of effort to ensure that their potential and existing customers have an exceptional order fulfilment experience. They have considerable control over specific aspects of running an online business, such as product development, website development & design, and marketing.

But when it comes to eCommerce shipping and order fulfilment, they feel as if they have relinquished control to a stranger.

But with a reliable courier delivery partner, you would never feel that shipping is out of your control. eCommerce shipping is a crucial part of running a successful business as this is where the online world merges with the offline world.

In other words, it is only after order fulfilment does your customer finally get to experience your product in person. Shipping is also a significant expense and thus requires a carefully thought-out strategy.

Integrating your eCommerce website with courier delivery services like Pickrr can help streamline your shopping.

How to Set Your Shipping Rates?

We talked about mapping out an eCommerce shipping strategy, and a big part of that is learning how to set the best shipping prices. In this section, you’ll find the three most common methods used for determining the shipping rates.

That said, always consider your business’s underlying financials before making your choice.

Offer Free Shipping

Many website visitors don’t go through with the purchase for plenty of reasons. It could be the price, delivery date, or any other factor that may stop them from placing the order.

To minimize shopping cart abandonment, you can offer free shipping to your customers. That said, you have to compensate for the free shipping amount in one way or another.

Here are four possibilities you can consider to offer the best shipping prices:

  • Increase the price of the product (customer pays)
  • You pay the shipping charges out of your margins.
  • Increase the price of the product only slightly to cover a certain fraction of shipping costs (you and your customer pay)
  • Provide a discount code to a select few customers
  • Offer free shipping to customers on a minimum order amount – this helps offset the shipping prices by increasing the average order size.

With an eCommerce logistics partner like Pickrr, you can offer free shipping to your customers without any hassle.

pickrr eCommerce Logistics Company

Charge Real-Time Carrier Rates

Charging real-time carrier rates is another effective shipping strategy. You can easily integrate eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Wix with Pickrr, and this would generate live pricing and various shipping options in real-time.  

Easy eCommerce Integration With Pickrr

Now, it’s time to talk about eCommerce integration with Pickrr, one of the best courier services for eCommerce. 

Follow this step-by-step process to integrate your eCommerce website with Pickrr:

  • Log in to your Pickrr dashboard.
  • Select ‘Manage Channel’ from the left-hand side menu.
  • After being redirected to the channel list, search for the website/marketplace you want to integrate Pickrr.
  • You will be provided with some instructions to configure Pickrr on your website.

In the steps laid out below, we’ll take an example of Shopify and see how you can integrate it with Pickrr:

  • Log in to your Pickrr dashboard
  • Select ‘Manage Channel’ from the dashboard menu
  • Click on ‘Add new Channel’ 
  • Select Shopify from the list of channels
  • Add your website URL of Shopify store and Click ‘Download Pickrr App’
  • On login, Select ‘Install App’ in the subsequent step and update the Pickrr Auth token
  • Hit ‘Save Details’
  • Head back to your Pickrr dashboard and click ‘Connect with Shopify’

Your Shopify store is now successfully integrated with Pickrr!

What’s more, you can define specific order pull status and turn on options such as update tracking, update tracking status, and multiple locations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does fulfilment include shipping?

Yes, it does. It includes everything from the moment your customer places an order from your website to the time when your product is finally delivered. Shipping is a crucial part of the order fulfilment process.

Which platforms does Pickrr integrate with?

Pickrr boasts of 50+ integrations with platforms like WooCommerce, Unicommerce, Magento, Shopify, Wix, WordPress, BigCommerce, and more. Moreover, Pickrr has 17+ courier delivery partners, including FedEx, Delhivery, Blue Dart, Ekart Logistics, and Xpressbees.

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