Important Factors of an eCommerce Customer Success Strategy

Important Factors of an eCommerce Customer Success Strategy

Successful eCommerce businesses follow a holistic approach to meet the needs and requirements of their customers. Among various factors that determine the success of an eCommerce business, eCommerce customer success strategy is recognised as one of the most significant factors.

According to the customer experience statistics by SuperOffice, 45.9% of businesses consider customer experience as the topmost priority in the next five years followed by pricing and product. Why most businesses consider eCommerce customer success strategy as their topmost priority is quite obvious as it has a direct impact on their growth.

eCommerce customer success is the positive response from customers based on their overall buying experience. For businesses, customer success is a long-term success. Businesses can achieve customer success by establishing strong relationships with customers through best services and support experience.

Every eCommerce business wants to achieve this success. But, only those eCommerce businesses who follow appropriate strategies are able to enhance the eCommerce customer success rate significantly. 

Know the importance of customer experience strategy and important eCommerce customer success strategy businesses can implement to achieve customer success.

Importance of eCommerce Customer Success Strategy

Whether you are selling a product or service, you must focus on customer success to sustain and grow your business. Understand why eCommerce customer satisfaction is important for your business:

1. To generate revenue

Customers who purchase products online have high expectations in terms of product quality and service. It is easy for customers to choose the most suitable eCommerce site for buying products with multiple options. If a customer is not satisfied with the product they purchase from an eCommerce website, there are high chances of them switching to other websites. This involves the risk of losing the customers that will have a direct impact on the sale of your business.

Thus, eCommerce customer success strategy is important to generate revenue through maximum sales online.

Importance of eCommerce Customer Success Strategy

2. To retain customers

In eCommerce, it is important for businesses to learn how to manage customers’ trust. Customers tend to buy products from an eCommerce site with maximum benefits and satisfaction. It is essential to provide maximum satisfaction to the customers to gain their trust and retain them for future sales.

Omniconvert reports suggest that the average retention rate for eCommerce is around 30%.  Improving eCommerce customer retention rate significantly multiplies business profits.

3. For word of mouth marketing

Satisfied customers play a significant role in word-of-mouth marketing. According to Semrush stats, among all customers who feel satisfied with the product quality and overall experience, 96% of them return to the site for further purchasing and also share their experience with people around them. This eCommerce customer success strategy can significantly help businesses to expand their customer base.

5 Factors that Decide eCommerce Customer Success

The success of an eCommerce business depends not only on the quality of the product but also on the overall experience the customer has in purchasing products online. Successful eCommerce businesses focus more on eCommerce customer success strategy to maintain the trust of their customers for long-term.

While there are several strategies that companies can implement to achieve customer success, we have come up with the five most relevant strategies eCommerce businesses can adopt.

key factor for ecommerce customer strategy

1. Understand customers’ needs 

With eCommerce, it is now possible for any business to sell any product online. While sellers have the option to sell products to all sorts of customers, they must understand that the needs of customers vary depending on various factors like age, gender, geographical location, profession, and interest.  So, an eCommerce seller must figure out what the customers are looking for by identifying their buying patterns.

Also, eCommerce businesses must categorize the group of people who are more likely to buy their products. Based on research and survey, the seller can reach out to customers with the right kind of products. With better understanding of such needs, eCommerce businesses can satisfy customers in a better way and hence, achieve growth with the help of robust eCommerce customer success strategy.

2. Offer personalized products & services

Nowadays, people look for personalized products and services i.e services that exactly meet their requirements. An eCommerce business must first focus on grabbing the attention of the target audience and further, provide personalized products and services.

Emails, newsletters, advertisements are some of the ways to help customers know more about your personalized products and services. eCommerce businesses must also be proactive on social media to share posts regularly and respond to customers on these platforms.

Personalized products and services is one of the ways to achieve eCommerce customer success.

3. Interact and retain customers 

While targeting new customers is important, it is equally crucial to retain existing customers. With regular interactions with loyal customers, businesses can gain their trust. This can be done through emails, messages, newsletters, social media interaction etc. In this way, customers realize that you care about them.

You can also ask customers for any suggestions or improvement in services. Feedback from retained customers is yet another good strategy for eCommerce customer success.

Businesses can also ask their loyal customers to share their feedback based on their experience on the eCommerce platform. Retaining customers is a proven eCommerce customer success strategy.

4. Create a strong customer support 

Customer success is when businesses try to help customers to reach their goals. On an eCommerce platform, the customer support involves assisting customers solve their queries and requests, and thus, plays a significant role.

According to HubSpot Research, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with businesses that offer excellent customer service.

Customers usually look for prompt service and reply through customer support via chat or on call with an executive. Hence, the customer support team must be active and quick in solving the queries of customers. Quick resolution is a crucial eCommerce customer success strategy to build a strong relationship with customers and maintain their trust.

5. Focus on time & accurate delivery of product

While eCommerce comprises various operations in order to sell the products online, the ultimate goal is to help the customers receive accurate and on-time delivery of the products. In fact, customers’ satisfaction levels mostly depend on the final delivery of the product.

The only way to get on-time and accurate delivery of the product is to connect with the best courier service provider. Nowadays, businesses do not limit themselves with a single courier service provider to get their products delivered, instead connect with logistics aggregators through which they can deliver to a range of pin codes through multiple courier service providers. This is a relatively new, but successful eCommerce customer success strategy.

Pickrr is a reliable logistics aggregator that provides a SaaS-based platform to help sellers across the country to connect with the best courier service providers for the delivery of their products on pan-India level. 

Sign up with Pickrr for product delivery services and improve eCommerce satisfaction with accurate and on-time delivery of the products in any part of India.


The success and satisfaction of customers is of utmost importance for eCommerce success. Every eCommerce business must invest a good amount of time and efforts to ensure that their customers are satisfied and happy with their products.

The eCommerce customer success can be measured by keeping track of various metrics which include convention rates, customers feedback, number of repeated customers etc. 

Sellers can also check the engagement of customers on different social media platforms to get an overall idea about the response of customers about their product and services. With a thoughful eCommerce customer success strategy, businesses can achieve the desired growth results.

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