Enhance Post-purchase Customer Experience with Automated Communication

Enhance Post-purchase Customer Experience with Automated Communication

A superior customer experience is one of the key elements that distinguishes a brand from its competitors. Today’s eCommerce sellers very well understand that customer satisfaction can make or break their business, and that is why, they try to keep customers happy across all stages of their purchase journey—right from advertising the products to the time a customer makes the purchase.

But one crucial touchpoint most of the eCommerce businesses miss out on focusing is the post-purchase experience. Post-purchase communication commonly comprises sending timely order notifications or shipping notifications to your customers. Considering that making profit through a sale is the end of a customer’s journey can prove to be fatal for your business, especially if you are running an online store.

According to an article published in superoffice.com 86% of customers are willing to pay more for your products or services provided that you offer a great customer experience. Product price is no longer the deciding factor for a customer’s loyalty towards a business—overall experience with the brand is! And this experience includes staying in touch and offering the required support after the sale is made.

The Impact of Post-purchase Communication on Customers

Effective post-purchase communication can increase the retention rate of your customers. And it is no hidden fact that acquiring a new customer is way more expensive than retaining an existing one.

Post-purchase communication is one part of the entire customer experience, but it is the same part for which customers most eagerly await—yes, we are talking about regular order notifications from eCommerce businesses.

Let’s be honest, humans are impatient beings, and as customers there’s just no limit to the restlessness we have till our orders arrive. According to Tracktor, most of the customers check their order status at an average of 3.5 times per order. These customers expect regular updates on order status from the brand they have purchased.

To make the order tracking non-stressful for your customers, there shouldn’t be any lag of post-purchase communication at your end. Here’s how staying in touch with your customers after the purchase via shipping notifications can be helpful for your business.

1. Build strong relationships

Did you know that increasing customer retention by 5% can boost your sales by up to 25%? Isn’t this amazing! But what’s the secret to retention?

Long-lasting relationships with customers aren’t built just with impressive marketing, but also with honest communication. Sending shipping notifications every time an order moves ahead in its journey can help in improving delivery experiences of customers. Here, it is important to note that even if there is a delay in the delivery, businesses should be honest about that with the customers and show clear details in the order status. Hiding details or sharing false information can severely impact your brand’s image.

2. Reduce WISMO calls

The most commonly used phrase by customers is ‘Where is my order?’ (WISMO). An increased number of calls from customers enquiring about their orders can shoot up your customer service operations costs. From budget to time, you would have to invest a lot to resolve queries which would not arise in the first place if you employ a robust post-purchase communication strategy.

With order notifications or shipping notifications sent timely, customers can track their orders themselves without bothering your customer support team for minute updates. Also, notifying the customers of any possible delays well on time in the order status section of the app or website can improve customers’ trust in your brand and reduce WISMO calls.

3. Drive next sale

customer experience journey

Post-purchase communication can be a great way to incorporate cross-selling and upselling. If there’s anything that can complement the product the customer has purchased, you can send additional recommended items to buy in your post-purchase shipping notifications.

This way you will not just build excitement among the customers for the other items, but actually convert that into a sale and drive loyalty.

Drive Post-purchase Communication with Pickrr Connect

To help eCommerce sellers keep their customers engaged throughout the purchase journey, Pickrr has recently launched a brand-new AI-communication suite that sends automated post-purchase messages (shipping notifications) to your customers.

At Pickrr, our focus has always been to offer a holistic delivery experience to your customers. As stated above, post-purchase communication often remains a neglected part of the supply chain. At Pickkr we aim to give it the due importance and help you drive customer satisfaction with regular updates on order status.

pickrr connect

Read how Pickrr Connect empowers your business to boost customer loyalty and sales.

1. Send proactive order notifications

With timely updates about the order status, you can save your customers’ time and the hassle of following up with customer support executives. Pickrr Connect uses artificial intelligence to send automated shipping notifications at every point of the order journey.

Not just this, Pickrr Connect also enables you to select platforms most preferable to your customers. Remember, your customers might not find all communication platforms equally engaging. Therefore, sending order notifications where they won’t be read would be of no use to you as well as your customers.

With Pickrr Connect’s multi-channel engagement capability, you can send regular order notifications via SMS, WhatsApp, email or even choose all the platforms as per your business’ convenience.

2. Inform about possible delays

Delivery delays might happen due to different reasons—the vehicle carrying your shipments might break down in the middle of the road; there could be a road blockage and the driver might have to take a longer route; any disaster might also put your smooth order journey out of place.

Be it any reason, as a responsible eCommerce brand, you should be proactive in informing customers about all sorts of delays related to their order with timely order notifications. Pickkr Connect makes your job easier here. All you need to do is select the designated options and automated order notifications will be shot out to your customers with an extended expected date of delivery.

Of course, nobody likes to read about their order delays, but responsible communication and timely updates on order status from a company increases customers’ trust in the brand, making their bond stronger.

3. Deliver customized experience

While offering a product or service, remember that not all your customers want the same things. This is where customization comes into play.

With Pickrr Connect, you can easily offer multiple versions of the same service. Yes, we are talking about customizing order notifications per your customers’ requirements.

Pickrr Connect enables you to select order events for which you want to send the notifications to your customers. For instance, some of your customers may prefer receiving shipping notifications via email while the rest would usually engage on WhatsApp to check their order status. Here, you can select the channel by which you want to notify your customers.

You can also select the order event for which you want to send the order status. Below are the communication events you can choose from:

  • Order Placed
  • Order Picked-Up
  • Order In-Transit
  • Delivery Delay
  • Out for Delivery
  • Order Delivered
  • Order Not Delivered

Customization is crucial to catch the customers’ attention. Make sure that you leverage it fully with Pickrr Connect’s customized shipping notifications.

In Conclusion

Post-purchase communication can be used not only to send order notifications or validate customer details, but also to influence your next sales.

Use Pickrr Connect to help you drive revenue with instant and interactive post-purchase messaging.

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