Ensuring Quality Control in eCommerce Packaging

Ensuring Quality Control in eCommerce Packaging

Good quality packaging is not an extra accessory anymore. It is an essential step that your online business needs to take. Top courier services and online businesses offer great packaging for a reason. 

If your online business does not have good packaging, you could face multiple customer complaints even with good quality products. This could jeopardize your business. 

Carrying out constant quality checks is essential. For example, if you are shipping a carton of products, you must ensure that the packaging meets the quality standards.

Here are some tips for good quality control steps to maintain high-quality eCommerce packaging:

1. Factory Audit

Ensure you undertake an audit of a potential supplier’s plant and operations before agreeing to deal with him. Hiring a professional auditor to do a supplier audit can assist you in identifying possible issues and setting your expectations.

Getting an internal audit done with a checklist in line with ISO standards is the best way to check that the quality processes are under control.

Factory profile and experience, employee workforce, facilities, machinery and equipment, license and certificates, and the quality management system are some of the items your inspector will look into. 

A factory audit will reveal how your suppliers operate and what level of quality you may anticipate. Depending on the result, you can make changes to your logistics and supply chain management department and have an impactful eCommerce packaging.

2. Sample Checking

Sample Checking

Sampling enables a business to assess the quality of a batch of items by testing a specific number of them. The text sample defines the overall product quality of the business.

To begin, you need to take a test sample. If the sample does not match your specifications, the process of converting it into a product will not proceed well. This is the first step in ensuring the quality of eCommerce packaging. Sample checking is imperative whether you release a new product or ship goods to clients.  

Do not deliver the package to them until you have completed specific inspections. Even if you’re in a rush, you must follow these procedures. Purchase one or two types of packing material from the vendor and test the boxes. 

Along with approving the sample, you’ll need to create and update product requirements. This will assure uniformity in each product and create a good impression of your eCommerce packaging.

3. Drop Test

The drop test is an on-site test that uses a series of drops to simulate the physical handling of cartons that occurs throughout the shipping process. This test is important for eCommerce logistics companies or eCommerce delivery businesses.

Following the drop test, some minor indentations in the shipping carton are normal. Significant shedding or breaking apart of the box, on the other hand, is a warning. It shows that your goods may not arrive in the same condition as when they left the factory.

Verification of each product and packing inside is necessary after the test. The verification is to minimize the risk as much as possible. As a result, it’s critical to inspect the items for any faults before testing.

Test the sample thoroughly and develop a list of any packaging improvements you’d like to make. To make the necessary changes to your eCommerce packaging, communicate with your supplier. At the end of the day, the sample should reflect the best form of your product. Your supplier should be aware that this is what you anticipate in your eCommerce packaging.

4. Packaging Material 

Environmental factors can damage your eCommerce packaging. Here are some examples:

  1. Changes in temperature 
  2. Mistreatment by third-parties 
  3. Frequent drops

To reach its destination without harm, you must pay special attention to the type of packaging materials and the sealing procedure used.

Cushion and fill fragile items with the appropriate materials. It avoids damage to the products during transit. It is beneficial, for example, to use bubble wrap, packing paper, and other materials.

You must tell the supplier what kind of interior packing you want. Specifically, if there is substantial movement during shipping and the inside packing is weak, things might crack or chip. Hence, properly sealing the interior packing is crucial.

5. Communication

Your eCommerce packaging requirements do not have to be the same as those of your suppliers. Therefore, you should let them know what you’re searching for. Make sure that there are no disagreements. Write down everything you need in your packaging.

If you have a face-to-face meeting, send an email detailing everything that you discussed during the meeting. You should also get an acknowledgment from the provider. Don’t forget about details like packaging color preferences and interior cushioning.

Things to Consider 

Certain items should be considered when doing quality checks on eCommerce packaging:

quality checks on eCommerce packaging

1. The package is adequately enclosed

The structural integrity of your containers and the sealing procedures must be determined. 

2. The shipping imprints are clear and visible

All handling marks, consignee racks, country of origin markings, etc., should be consistent with the information on your purchase order.

3. Barcodes and labelling are legible 

The UPC tag on the container should match your purchase order data and scan successfully. The same goes for the UPC on the merchandise. The barcode should not be too close to the crumpled or damaged edge of the document.

4. The printing matches the sample

You must have a sample of your packaging that has been authorized. The material and printing should be evaluated, and the package size and the colors should fit your panel tone color standards.


We reiterate here that good-quality packaging will impact your business positively. Doing regular quality checks will ensure the success of your eCommerce logistics company or online business.

Nothing is more vital to a company than its consumers, and providing outstanding packaging is one of the most efficient methods to attract new customers and maintain existing ones.

As an entrepreneur, you need to immerse yourself in your company covering all aspects, including packaging. It will ensure that you provide the best products and services on par with industry standards.

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