How Does Pickrr Work?

Whenever you need to send documents or items to a remote destination in India or overseas, a good option is to use a courier pick-up service, which we also call a logistics company. Sending items through a courier service works out much cheaper than the regular postal service, and in many cases, it is much faster. 

As we also call them, logistics companies or courier services play a vital role in the economy. They form the basis of logistics & supply chain management, without which it would be difficult for an e-commerce company to survive.

Pickrr, a company founded in 2015, is one such company that offers the best courier services efficiently and swiftly and at reasonable rates. This post features Pickrr and its different aspects and examines why India’s preferred logistics service provider should be. So, let’s jump right in!

Pickrr Background

As we mentioned above, Pickrr was launched 16 years ago by ISB and IIT alumni. Young entrepreneurs co-founded the company in 2015, Rhitiman Majumder, Gaurav Mangla, and Ankit Kaushik. All the co-founders held high designations in various companies before they formed Pickrr.

Pickrr Business Model

Pickrr is a single company that offers end-to-end supply chain logistics in India, with operations worldwide. The company has backing from global investors like Marquee Angels, Global Business Veterans, Omidyar Networks, Ananta Capital, Guild Capital, and IIFL (India Infoline Group).

Pickrr provides a virtual logistic platform to its customers through Software as a Service (SaaS). It makes the entire process of moving a product from the customer’s location seamlessly to the final destination.

The customer gets access to a user-friendly dashboard that integrates with the major e-commerce platforms like Magento, Unicommerce, and Shopify. The dashboard also has multi-channel order management capabilities.

Pickrr- a Technology-Driven Company

The AI and ML-based software deployed by Pickrr replaces the random selection of courier partners with e-ports and transparent analytics in a user-friendly format that clients can easily integrate into their eCommerce delivery and conduct their business.

The company started with utilising nine-team of delivery executives who did everything manually, from picking up the shipment, packing it, and then sending it to the final destination as fast as possible.

Today, Pickrr has made technological advances where the first mile is achieved without the involvement of courier delivery boys. The company’s technology enables it to use an efficient courier aggregation system for implementing this “first mile” logistic model. 

Pickrr strives to be a one-stop solution to SME businesses in India and abroad. Manufacturers can benefit from this company by shipping their merchandise from a courier pick up from home to various locations all over India in record time. 

Although the company doesn’t own any particular product, in case of a dispute between the SME vendor and end customer, Pickrr offers to mediate. According to them, no other courier company provides such services.

Pickrr Operations

Pickrr strives to be the best courier service for eCommerce in India, and it has operations throughout the country. The USP of Pickrr is to access even the remotest destinations in India. The company delivers to over 29,000 pin codes across the country.

Pickrr has over 17 delivery partners that support the robust network of logistics business services that the company has created. In addition, its efficiency is such that it helps various companies across the country develop their products and distribute them throughout India.

In addition to domestic courier services, Pickrr provides logistic services to up to 220 destinations worldwide.

Benefits of Using Pickrr

By selecting Pickrr as your preferred logistics partner, you can get several benefits from this fast-growing courier services company as follows:

  • Early Cash on Delivery (COD) feature, which aids the continuous cash-flow process for e-commerce businesses. You get COD remittance within a couple of days.
  • Real-time tracking helps in eCommerce shipping
  • Efficient shipping and automated orders linked to robust warehousing
  • 100% fulfilment accuracy
  • Reliable customer service
  • Quick weight disputes resolution
  • A variety of categories from groceries to medicines and more delivered through fast courier
  • Customers receive regular updates through SMS
  • A user-friendly dashboard that is easy to use and can be integrated with existing Software
  • Best shipping prices
  • Dedicated account manager for each customer
  • Overnight courier services provided


Pickrr is relatively new to the logistic services field, having been in existence for just over six years. But during that short, the rate of growth of this company has been exponential.

Moreover, the founders are well-versed in state-of-the-art automation technology, AI, and machine learning. The company uses these technologies extensively to execute the robust business model as described above.

Pickrr was formed to fill a vacuum that existed, as there was a need for technology-based logistics that were sadly lacking with existing Indian companies at that time. It is increasing and has a bright future in the world of logistics services. Therefore, we can conclude that this company can soon become the best delivery partner for eCommerce in India.


Q: What are the technical advances that Pickrr has made in logistic services in India?

A: Pickrr uses AI and ML-based software that replaces the random selection of courier partners. Using this technology, the company achieved the first mile without the involvement of delivery boys.

Q: What is the impact of the technology used by Pickrr?

A: By using AI and ML technologies, Pickrr can cover up to 6,000 orders per day.

Q: Does Pickrr have any global investors?

A: Yes. The company has backing from global investors like Marquee Angels, Global Business Veterans, Omidyar Networks, Ananta Capital, Guild Capital, and IIFL (India Infoline Group).

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