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How is Pickrr Different From Other Courier Service Providers?

The local post office in your neighbourhood is also a courier provider. However, when we consider this in business terms, they are private agencies that undertake the shipping and delivery of goods.

The postal service has better speed, richer benefits, digital advantages, an efficient international network, and much more. They are also slightly more expensive for these very reasons. 

These are independent agencies and do not work with one on-other. Consider the example of running an e-com business. Your brand can collaborate and contract one of these services to ship your packages for you. The agency ideally offers you an attractive offer and a long-term commitment.  

But this also means your business remains restricted to the destinations, costs, and timelines of this single courier provider. Using a different agency each time is not feasible for the company. This is where a shipment aggregator comes into play.

Who are these aggregators? The private companies used advanced technology to create a repertory of every delivery provider in the country. An e-com business can pick a different delivery provider each time using its platform. Thus, not having you contractually bound to a single partner. One such provider in India is Pickrr. 

How Pickrr Differs from a Courier Provider? 

Apart from the apparent reasons (that they are an aggregator of courier providers), they also come with some add-ons which set them apart. 

Postal Code Flexibility 

Multiple courier service options also provide the benefit to ship across postal codes. In India alone, Pickrr can ship to over 26000 pin codes. Additionally, they also render services in more than two hundred countries worldwide. 

Such flexibility is rarely available with a single courier provider. This system allows your business to expand to more regions; than you would otherwise. It also ensures on-time delivery using the fastest available option. 

Single-Point Benefit 

Linking payment platforms, tracking, and bookings to s single source is one of the biggest challenges of working with a courier provider. It would force you to set up independent payment gateways and send shipping data to the providers too. 

However, in the case of Pickrr, you can control the entire operations through a single dashboard. They cover not just the logistics but also the technology. Using APIs and warehouse integrations, the process is automated and simplified. 

Return Shipments 

The freedom to return a package from satisfied customers is one of the advantages of running an e-commerce business. A courier provider might not fulfil this request or create long processes for the same. 

Using an aggregator like Pickrr, you can quickly fulfil these using an in-app feature. They also enable multiple pickup locations courtesy of their robust network. 

Promote Business Growth 

The job of a courier provider ends once the deliveries reach. It’s a very transactional deal and does not give added benefits like the dashboard.

An aggregator dashboard can also help you collect analytics and data points. They provide information on how to improve your business and monitor the efficiency of the delivery network. For example, details such as the performance of the delivery provider, consumer behaviour, and timelines of potential shipments are readily determinable from these platforms. 

Defined Monitory Timelines 

Getting your payments on time is critical for any business. Not having your fees hit the bank account on time could lead to massive cash burns and a vacuum in your accounting. Working with a service like Pickrr can help you track and account for all your transactions. 

They also provide added benefits like cash on delivery and payment on delivery, which is rare with a courier partner. A defined payment cycle also ensures better planning and expansion of business. 


While most courier companies provide you with tracking services, an aggregator is a unified system. For example, tracking them on multiple platforms is tedious if you use a different courier provider for various pin codes. 

The single platform gives real-time tracking of your shipment and offers accurate data to your consumers. It’s one way to make a complex task exponentially more accessible. 

Aimed To Save Costs

Most aggregators aim for efficiency. This approach helps reduce the cost of shipment and delivery. Setting up a teal with these platforms is contractually reasonable when compared to a single courier service. Money saved is money gained for your business. 

In Closing

A courier provider and an aggregator are poles apart. While both are known to do the same task, the latter can perform them more effectively, at better costs, and ensure a flawless consumer experience. 

Frequently Added Questions (FAQs)

What happens if the aggregators like Pickrr lose my package?

Unlike in the case of a courier provider, Pickrr will ensure you receive full reimbursement for your losses. 

Can we schedule a pickup using Pickrr? 

When you raise a request on Pickrr, the automation system will autogenerate an appropriate pickup. The same can be done for any time window. 

What are the additional costs for using Pickrr? 

The aggregators themselves do not burden you with any additional costs. The business only pays the shipment costs. 

Do you need a tech team to use Pickrr?

An app like this is easy to use and ready to install. There is no requirement to write code or undergo in-depth training processes.

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Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

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