How Pickrr Works For eCommerce Logistics

How Pickrr Works For eCommerce Logistics?

In the present era, eCommerce and logistics go hand in hand. Today markets function more online than offline. From surfing a range of products to making quick payments, eCommerce shopping platforms have made the customers’ lives easier.

When we talk about an eCommerce business, logistics is the first thing that comes to mind. It is an essential part of eCommerce as business success hugely depends on it. Almost 40-49% of customers in India shop online and are active on eCommerce shopping platforms. Hence, the focus of eCommerce sellers should be to ensure that these customers receive their orders on time so that they remain loyal to the brand.

The New-Age Logistics

Backed by technology, Pickrr offers end-to-end logistics solutions to the sellers. It acts as a virtual logistics arm for them. Apart from picking up the product from the origin to shipping it to the destination, it also recommends the most efficient delivery partner based on the business needs.

The company’s dashboard is highly compatible with most of the e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. It is also integrable with custom websites and offers rest APIs. It integrates with 50+ channel partners like Shopify, Unicommerce, Bikayi, Magento, and many more so that sellers can enjoy a smooth order placing and fulfillment experience.

The platform automates a good deal of the shipping process and provides an efficient multi-channel order management system. From groceries to medicines, you can ship anything from anywhere with Pickrr’s nationwide delivery coverage of more than 29,000 pin codes.

In addition to these benefits, it also offers reliable customer support through dedicated account managers.

Pickrr Plus Fulfillment Solution

Pickrr aims to reduce shipping woes and promote faster deliveries for its customers. This is delivered by Pickrr Plus, a pan-India network of fulfillment centers. The centers are available in tier-1 as well as tier-2 cities. Since the centers are located closer to the customers’ locations, Pickrr makes it easier for the sellers to promise and fulfill lightspeed deliveries. Apart from the 3x faster shipping, it also reduces the overall shipping costs.

All-in-One Shipping Dashboard

The enhanced Pickrr dashboard offers a diverse range of features—from NDR support to RTO suite. Sellers can handle all their shipping needs on a platform that offers consolidated services from multiple courier partners.

Complete Order Tracking

With Pickrr, the sellers get the real-time tracking status of their shipments. As a seller, you not only can view the journey of your order but also receive instant updates about the undelivered orders, enabling you to take prompt actions on delivery reattempts.

Early COD 

The most significant advantage of COD the customers enjoy is making the payment after the delivery of the product. Pickrr ensures remittance of the sellers’ COD amount on the same day of delivery so that they can maintain a continuous cash cycle for their business. With COD remittances made directly to the bank account, as a seller, you can improve the working capital of your business.

pickrr eCommerce Logistics Company

No Weight Discrepancies

With Pickrr’s innovative technology and dedicated weight dispute team, it ensures that sellers do not end up paying even one extra penny over the actual shipping cost.

This means that whenever a seller places an order with Pickrr, the accurate weight of the package is measured and the seller is charged based on the same, without any additional cost.

Automated Courier Selection

Pickrr’s AI-powered engine provides high-volume deliveries faster than ever with Calcula that selects an ideal carrier partner per the specific business needs and expectations of the sellers.

Dedicated Operational Assistance

When the sellers get associated with a third-party platform, they expect friendly and quick assistance from the team’s end. Pickrr provides this efficiently without any delay. The customer support and the account manager’s assistance offer a smooth and hassle-free experience right from the onboarding to the resolution of any issues.

Signing up with Pickrr

Getting onboard with Pickrr is very easy. All you need to do is go to Pickrr’s website and sign up with your details. Log in to your account, integrate your website and start placing your orders. Once the orders are placed, you get suggestions of the most suitable courier partners according to the dimensions and other details of your orders. In case of any concern, you can always reach out to the support team for quick assistance. Apart from the dashboard, you can also view and manage orders through Pickrr’s mobile application.

Pickrr App Salient Features

  • Plugin integration with all major channels such as Shopify, Magento, Unicommerce, Woocomerce etc.
  • Complete analytics across all couriers
  • Intelligent courier allocation
  • Automatic NDR panel 
  • Weight reconciliation tool–so no overcharging errors
  • On-call key account manager support
  • Real-time customisable tracking page 
  • COD/Invoicing solution with future cash flow prediction


We help you manage your deliveries across multiple carriers on a single dashboard to make your shipping experience affordable and hassle-free.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up on the Pickrr dashboard or download the Pickrr App and start your journey of streamlined shipping today!

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