How to Deliver Anywhere Using Pickrr

How to Deliver Anywhere Using Pickrr

E-commerce businesses are booming across the country. The last quarter of 2020 saw a 36% increase in the e-commerce order volume across the nation. Considering that the year 2020 witnessed a decrease in economic activity owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise in e-commerce orders is good news for entrepreneurs.    

Apart from the raw materials and manufacturing, logistics is a significant cost associated with running an eCommerce business. Logistics companies are at the heart of ensuring the smooth operation of e-commerce businesses.

After all, logistics companies are responsible for picking up the e-commerce business products and delivering them to the client within the specified timeframe. 

While it seems like a simple enough task when you are managing a business that ships out thousands of packages every month, it is vital that your supply chain logistics and delivery logistics operate like a well-oiled machine. 

What is Pickrr?

Pickrr is a courier aggregator that acts as a single platform where you can select the best courier service that would suit your needs. With a plethora of courier services such as DTDC courier, Delhivery Logistics, FedEx, etc., it can become confusing as to which one to choose.

Without Pickrr, you would have to go to the individual websites of these third-party logistics companies to find out the cost, compare the various prices before deciding which one is best for the shipment.

The process is complicated and time-consuming. You could spend that time planning your business expansion, addressing customer concerns, or preparing for a new product.

Pickrr provides a single platform that aggregates all the shipping, logistics, and warehousing costs of major third-party logistics companies. You can enter your pickup and delivery pin codes to get a price quote before choosing the delivery partner.     

How to Deliver Anywhere Using Pickrr?

Want to use Pickrr but are confused about where to start? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you out.

Sign Up

Start by signing up for Pickrr. You will have to enter your company name, email address, phone number, and expected volume for shipping. You will also have to set a password for your account.

All of this is a fuss-free, single-page process. You can complete your sign-up with a single click. 

Verify your account by completing your KYC by Aadhar, PAN or GST number. 

Add Money to Wallet

Pickrr deducts the delivery charge from your Pickrr wallet. Once you have signed up for an account, if you are a new client and want to check out the service without investing too much, you can add money to your wallet (minimum balance- Rs 2000) to start shipping. 

If you have been a long-time client, you may already have an estimate of the courier charge. If your wallet does not have a sufficient balance, you will have to add the required amount.    

Create or Place Order

Now starts the process of creating the order. The panel to the left of the dashboard will have a menu titled ‘Manage Orders.’ Under ‘Manage Orders,’ you can see the option to ‘Create Order.’

Once you click on it, you will see a form to define the order. You can specify whether the order is going from the warehouse or the business to the customer or from the customer to the warehouse by selecting Forward Shipment or Reverse Shipment, respectively.

You can then select the shipment type from the three options provided – express, heavy surface, dangerous goods. If your order has more than one box, kindly like ‘Yes’ for the question ‘Is multi-package service.’  

Enter Customer Details

The next step is to enter the customer’s name, address, email, and phone number. Once you have entered all the details, you can proceed to the next section.

Enter Order Details

In this tab, you will have to enter the details of the items to be shipped. This will include the item name, quantity, value, weight, and dimensions. You should also specify the pickup address. The shipping cost is calculated at the next step based on the dimensions and the weight you enter here, so ensure that these are accurate.

Choose your Courier Partner

After adding your order details, Pickrr suggests courier partners according to the pickup and destination pin codes, weight dimensions, and many other aspects.  

Make Payment and Place Order

Once you click on ‘Proceed,’ you will be shown the cost of shipping the package via various third-party logistics companies. You can select the one you prefer, and the shipping amount gets deducted to finalise your order.  

Manage Your E-Commerce Delivery With Pickrr

Pickrr dramatically simplifies the process of selecting a fast courier. By bringing multiple logistics businesses under a single umbrella, Pickrr empowers enterprises to choose the best e-commerce shipping option.

You can accomplish the process of placing an order within a matter of minutes. Since Pickrr has partnered with all the major e-commerce logistics companies, it enables you to ship to any location within the country.

With Pickrr, you are also not tied to a single logistics provider and are free to choose the best for the shipment. The AI interface can also suggest the cheapest and fastest courier partner for the pin code the order has been placed. If your customer requests you to select a particular courier service, you can choose it from the platform.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Pickrr today and put your mind at ease regarding your logistics and warehousing concerns.       


  • Can I ship across PAN India using Pickrr? 

Yes, you can ship across PAN India using Pickrr. Once you enter the delivery address, we will find courier services that deliver to the location.

  • How do you determine the weight slab for my order? 

You can enter the weight and dimensions of the package while placing the order on Pickrr. Pickrr also uses AI and machine learning to ensure that your package belongs to the lowest weight category to reduce your courier charge. 

  • Do I get to choose the courier, or is it assigned automatically?

You get to choose the courier service provider after entering the pickup and delivery address. If you have high-volume deliveries, then Pickrr’s AI Calcula can automate this process for you.

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