Hyperlocal Delivery vs Last Mile Delivery


Over the past few years, the eCommerce logistics market has been steadily rising. The market is projected to reach a value of $2630.85 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 20.3% between 2020 and 2027. 

The eCommerce shipping market is so broad that each task has a few sub-categories in it. For example, you can classify the product’s packaging into flexible packaging and rigid packaging.  

Similarly, eCommerce delivery has its versions and divisions. In this space, we will discuss two such divisions – hyperlocal delivery and last-mile delivery. Let’s dive right in! 

Hyperlocal Delivery 

When the product is delivered directly from the business owner or merchant to the customer within the same geographical region or area, the process is known as hyperlocal delivery. 

In this process, the courier delivery partner picks the package from you and delivers it directly to the customer in a short period. 

Last-Mile Delivery 

In this category, the delivery courier service partners, or the last-mile delivery fleet of the best courier services, picks the package from the central hub like a warehouse and delivers it to the customer’s location.  

Last-mile delivery is the last step of the logistics and supply chain management process. Delivering the products quickly to the customer is the goal of the last-mile delivery process as well. 

Difference Between Hyperlocal Delivery and Last-mile Delivery 

You must be wondering what exactly the difference between hyperlocal and last-mile delivery is. Both have similar descriptions and objectives. So, let’s find out the key differences between these two deliveries in a few crucial aspects. 

Delivery Area 

As mentioned earlier, hyperlocal deliveries take place in a specific geographical area. Therefore the delivery areas have a small radius. Most deliveries take place within a 5-15km radius but may extend up to 20km.  

The last-mile delivery process, on the other hand, is not restricted to any region or area. The range of the delivery majorly depends on the central hub’s location. The delivery range may even go around 30km in this type.  

Delivery Time 

Are you aware of the term ‘same-day delivery’? As the name suggests, the delivery partner delivers the product to the customer on the same day of purchase. Same-day delivery and fast courier services are of growing importance and value.  

56% of customers aged 18-34 years expect a business to have same-day delivery, and 25% would abandon their cart if this feature is not available.  

Same-day delivery is made possible in hyperlocal deliveries. As the deliveries occur within the same region, the product is delivered within 2-3 hours. The maximum time that a hyperlocal delivery can take is around 6-8 hours only.  

Typically, in last-mile delivery, the package is delivered to the customer within 12-16 hours. The delivery may occur on the same day or may move over to the next day.  

Type of Product Delivered 

As it is the last step of the entire logistics & supply chain management process, last-mile deliveries don’t include any specific product type. If your products include electronics, clothing, cosmetics, or kitchenware, it does not matter. You can deliver any product in the last-mile delivery process.  

As hyperlocal deliveries occur within small delivery areas alone, the products delivered generally include essential items like medicines, groceries, food, hygiene products, etc.  

Volume and Weight of the Product 

By looking at the type of products delivered, you might have already understood the difference between hyperlocal and last-mile deliveries in the volume and weight aspect of the product.  

There isn’t any restriction on the volume or the weight of the products delivered in last-mile delivery. The courier pick-up service charges you for the delivery based on the volumetric weight of the order.  

Since the products in hyperlocal deliveries are delivered on two-wheelers on most occasions, there are certain restrictions on the weight. When you provide your products with hyperlocal partners, the maximum weight should not exceed 10-12 kgs. The courier service will charge you extra money if the weight exceeds these limitations.  

Delivery Partner 

You can either hire your delivery agent or work with a logistics company in the hyperlocal delivery type. The logistics company will then send different delivery partners for each order.  

For last-mile deliveries, you work with logistic partners or logistics aggregators. They then select the best and cheapest courier service to complete your shipping orders. The logistics partner takes over the complete responsibility of all your deliveries. 


Last-mile and hyperlocal delivery might be similar in their objectives and processes, but both have their differences in the essential details. Due to external factors (like lockdowns and restrictions), the dynamics for both these delivery types also keep changing.  

This is why you must choose a delivery type that caters to the needs of your business, product, customer base, and other requirements. Pickrr, a shipping aggregator, can help you connect with various delivery services like DTDc, FedEx, etc., to dispatch your order at your doorstep in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Does Pickrr offer same-day delivery services?

Absolutely! To ensure same-day delivery, we partner up with hyperlocal carriers, provided the delivery radius is small.

  1. Can I deliver essential items with Pickrr? 

Yes, you can! Pickrr works with the best and safest courier services that follow the best shipping practices while handling your product. With Pickrr, you can also deliver your essential items on the same day.

  1. How does the weight of my order affect the charges? 

We charge you based on the maximum of either the volumetric weight of your order or the dead weight of the product. We also offer various weight slabs ranging from 0.5 kg to 10 kg. You can then choose the closest weight slab to the order’s weight to ship your products at a cheap and affordable rate.

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