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As a business owner, you want to constantly expand your customer base, reach broader audiences and make your products accessible in more geographies. In the COVID-19 pandemic times, the need grows even more, as lockdown limits customer accessibility to offline retail. 

On the other hand, if you are a D2C brand, reach, and fulfillment are vital requirements since all your transactions and discovery happen online.

In this scenario, shipping and courier delivery services play a significant role in the retail ecosystem. The success of your business lies in being able to deliver your products on time and in the best shape. 

India’s Logistics Ecosystem 

Delivery companies have been around since the 1970s and 1980. However, with the rise of eCommerce, several stellar delivery companies have mushroomed in the last five to 10 years. These companies leverage technology and other necessary infrastructure to deliver superior services. You have international carriers like FedEx and domestic veterans like Bluedart and DTDC.

On the other hand, newer companies like EComExpress and xpressBees have made deep investments in technology since day one. And there is also the government-owned Indian postal service. 

A Key Challenge Faced by Business Owners 

One of the key issues business owners face in shipping is the lack of real-time access to all shipping and carrier information. Cost of shipping, reach, and delivery timelines vary across all carriers, as well as shipping needs.

Calling up every carrier to gauge which could be the best service for your needs is a tedious, time-consuming process. Secondly, you may lose out on the best options because you could not call every carrier. This is where shipping aggregator platforms such as Pickrr come into the picture and play a key role in simplifying things for business owners. 

All Carriers on One Dashboard 

Imagine being able to log into one platform and input the details of your shipping needs just once. This includes pick-up address, delivery address, and package details such as weight and dimensions.

Once done, the platform throws up the best courier services for your specific needs. All you need to do is choose the one most suited for you, and the pick-up is scheduled for the next day! In a few clicks, your work is done, and you can rest assured that your package will reach on time. 

Easy Online Payments 

To save you the hassle of making a payment every time you need something delivered, you have the option of leveraging the wallet feature. You can refill your wallet based on your shipping volumes, and the money gets deducted once you choose a suitable courier. This saves time.

Secondly, as a regular customer, you receive now and then when you refill the wallet. This helps in reducing costs further. You can use credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and internet banking options while doing so. 

Choose the Right Package for Your Needs 

The greater the volume, the higher is the stake for the business owner. Thus, the lower is the shipping rate, and services come with more support. You get to choose from multiple pricing packages based on your needs.

  • For 1-1000 orders in a month, pricing starts at INR 29 per order. This includes Plug & Play integrations, SMS/Email Notifications, Email Support, and Zero Subscription Charge.
  •  For 1000-5000 orders in a month, pricing starts at INR 26 per order. This includes Plug & Play integrations, SMS/Email Notifications, On-call account managers, Zero Subscription Charge, Easy Billing Options, and Real-Time NDR response capture.  
  • For over 5000 orders in a month, pricing starts at INR 22 per order. This includes Plug & Play integrations, SMS/Email Notifications, Email Support, Zero Subscription Charge, Easy Billing Options, Real-Time NDR response capture, Early COD Remittance at No Cost, Weekly Performance Review & Consultation and NDR & COD confirmation calling Assistance.

The Best Courier Partners 

Pickrr has partnered with some of the top courier companies globally to bring the best delivery services to a wide range of businesses, from D2C brands and eCommerce portals to small business owners and creative entrepreneurs.

The courier partners include FedEx, BlueDart, ExpressBees, India Post, Ekart Logistics, Ecom express, Dotzot, Shadowfax, Delhivery, and DTDC courier services. Each of these has unique strengths and capabilities, and between them, all the customers’ needs are met with ease. 

Wide Reach and Capabilities 

Today, business owners can avail pan-India shipping by Pickrr across 29,000+ Indian pin codes and 190+ countries worldwide via international partners. You can seek out the cheapest international shipping and domestic services. Weight slabs are between 500 gms to 10 kilos per delivery. Due to its comprehensive warehousing capabilities, Pickrr also facilitates multiple professional courier pick-ups.

Rising D2C brands like Open Secret, Daughter Earth, and eCommerce platforms like BeYoung leverage the power of Pickrr to reach their customers on time. The flexibility, cost advantage, and easy tech-based access make Pickrr a preferred aggregator destination for a wide range of customers seeking the best courier services.

To get started, all you need to do is download the Pickrr app, create a profile, choose the right pricing package and book your first shipment! 

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Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

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