Managing Bulky Orders in eCommerce Logistics

Managing Bulky Orders in eCommerce Logistics

When customers visit a website, businesses take a lot of pain to ensure they leave with a happy face. With the best images and fonts, website owners leave no stone unturned to make a good first impression. However, when it comes to shipping products, most eCommerce businesses do not put even the slightest effort into a successful and smooth shipment process. With some thought and planning, the shipping of an eCommerce business can be on-point as it surely affects the customers’ overall experience.


Shipping is a point where the customer finally gets to experience the product, so the sellers cannot afford to get messy with it. The world of eCommerce fulfillment and shipping solutions seems intimidating from a distance, however, if you want to position your business on the top, there’s no way out. When you closely examine the eCommerce world, you would find players who have handled the delivery of light as well as bulky products, easily ensuring improved customer experience.


In this article, we will be talking about eCommerce and shipping. Also, we will be talking about how eCommerce players tackle the delivery of bulky products.


eCommerce Business Best Practices for Shipping


Assembling the team


The first step that eCommerce players should consider while making bulky deliveries is to analyse the people who can help them in this process. It means that you need to bring this conversation in front of the stakeholders within your organisation. This shipping strategy will be laid as the foundation to complete the shipping process.


Defining goals


Once you know the core members of your team, it’s time that you establish a strategy that works in your favour. During this, make sure you’re pretty clear about what you want to accomplish and what your long-term goals are. Later, this strategy can be modified several times as per the shipping requirements.


Start working


Once the team and the goal of the business are laid properly, it is time to dig deeper and start working on the chosen strategy to accomplish goals that you’ve set for yourself and the organisation regarding the delivery of bulky products.


Important Shipping Considerations


Product weight and size


The important shipping consideration is the product weight and size that need to be identified to streamline the process effectively. Having an understanding of it will help you set an effective strategy while shipping the product. Note that the cost of shipping bulky products is higher than that of small or uniform goods.


Preferred packaging


Another important point is to package the product efficiently so that there are no chances of damage or breakage during the shipment process. It is important to ensure that the product is well-packed from all sides and has no scope of any damage.


Shipping destination


Like product weight and dimensions, the shipping destination is another important factor that the eCommerce business owners consider, especially when delivering bulky products that require extra attention. The shipping rates can slightly differ from place to place. Also, the prices are higher for international shipping of bulky products.


Shipping options


There are several shipping options that you can consider to ship your products effectively, especially in metropolitan cities. They are experienced professionals who can improve customer satisfaction rate for your business by offering same-day delivery options or cost-effective delivery, even for bulky products.

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Shipping Rates and Methods


Before shipping your products, it is essential to establish a pricing policy for shipping. Although there are several options in eCommerce delivery, your choices should be based on your customer needs.


Free shipping


One of the best and the most loved ways to minimise the abandonment of shipping carts is offering free shipping to customers. However, in most cases, shipping is never free. There are several options on how you can make free shipping work. These include:


  • Involve the shipping cost in the product price by increasing it.
  • Pay the complete price of the shipping from your end only.
  • Increase the product prices slightly, so you and your customers pay the shipping prices partially.
  • Provide discount options to customers for free shipping.


Flat rates


Another popular option while selecting the shipping rates is to offer a flat rate. One important factor to consider while sticking to this option is to ensure that you’re not overcharging or undercharging from the customers. The flat rates work the best when you have a standard product line. However, in the case of bulky products, this might not come handy.


Time carrier rates


The last option that the eCommerce shipping players might consider while delivering bulky products is to charge real-time carrier rates only.


Calculating Shipping Costs


There are a variety of factors based on which shipping couriers finalise the rates. These are as follows:


  • Package size
  • Origin country
  • Package weight
  • Destination country


When you decide to discuss the shipping cost, consider the four above-mentioned factors as these majorly impact the overall decision. If the size or weight of the package is bigger, then the pricing will be more as compared to lighter products. On the other hand, if the origin and destination countries are similar, there will be custom added, which means the shipping price will be lower. However, in case it is an international delivery, the shipping prices will be decided accordingly.


While deciding prices, make sure you are flexible enough to change them with time and the needs of the business.




Today, eCommerce businesses have evolved drastically and have captured 80% of the national and international market. Everything is just a click away—stationery, clothes, electronics, gadgets, etc.


Shipping bulky products is definitely a challenging task that needs to be managed through an effective and intuitive strategy. Understanding all the key points and making them work together makes you a successful eCommerce player. Know more about shipping bulky products by clicking here


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