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If you have ever shopped from an e-commerce website, you might know the pain of untimely order delivery. Not getting the goods at your doorsteps within the given time frame is always frustrating. Shipping and logistics services play a crucial role in the success of an e-commerce venture.

The proliferation of e-commerce services has changed the way we shop. Anything you want, you can order using your smartphone and get it delivered to your home. Hyperlocal delivery services have made it possible to get the goods within a day, if not hours or minutes. Let’s understand what hyper-local delivery entails and how e-commerce businesses and customers benefit from it.

Understanding Hyperlocal Delivery

Hyperlocal delivery has been the buzzword in the shipping and delivery logistics industry. The hyperlocal marketplace can be explained as a market that caters to the demands of a specific location, a limited geographical area. Essential items such as medicine, grocery, and food delivery require instant fulfillment and order dispatch so that the customers can receive them as soon as possible.

Hyperlocal delivery refers to the process of shipping goods directly to the customer from a seller. In the hyperlocal delivery model, the courier agent picks up the product from a seller and delivers it directly to the customer’s preferred address. It covers a limited geographical region so that the delivery can be faster and the orders can be returned within a few hours if not minutes.  

Benefits of Hyperlocal Delivery Model 

Some of the most prominent benefits of a hyperlocal delivery model are as follows-

Faster Services

One of the most significant drawbacks of the traditional delivery models is that it took a lot of time to deliver the goods, and the customers were not satisfied. The hyperlocal delivery model helps to deliver the order faster, usually within a few hours or even minutes in some cases. This is essential for food chains that need to have charges within a few minutes.

Better Inventory Management

Hyperlocal businesses are better equipped to efficiently manage the inventories as they know the local customers and demand projections. Even if a company runs out of stock, they can get the supplies soon and instantly deliver the order with hyperlocal delivery services.

Customized Delivery

A hyperlocal delivery model provides much more flexibility to the customers as compared to the traditional delivery models. Customers can easily schedule their delivery and the delivery hours that helps to boost the customer satisfaction rate.

Top 5 Hyperlocal Delivery Services

Given the benefits offered by hyperlocal logistics services, the customers are getting accustomed to it quickly. They do not want to compromise with the delivery time, and longer delivery times are non-negotiable.

There are many companies in the hyperlocal delivery domain that are offering hyperlocal delivery services to customers. Some of the most prominent ones are mentioned below.


Dunzo was founded in the year 2014 as an on-demand hyperlocal delivery platform. It provides hyperlocal delivery services in prominent Indian cities, including Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and Jaipur. It’s gradually expanding its operations to provide on-demand delivery services to other cities as well.

One can easily schedule pickups and get their orders delivered to a preferred location. Businesses that provide medicines, foods, groceries, etc., can easily opt for Dunzo for reliable services.


Shadowfax is one of India’s most prominent courier delivery service providers that has earned recognition in the delivery space in a short span. It offers intercity and inter-zone delivery for some of the most popular brands in India. They also provide hyperlocal delivery services for businesses in the food, pharma, and grocery selling space. Shadowfax has operations in over 500 cities in India.


Grab is one of India’s leading on-demand hyperlocal delivery service providers with an extensive fleet of bike riders for facilitating delivery locally. Grab primarily caters to the need for food delivery, grocery delivery, and e-commerce delivery services.

One can easily use Grab to deliver orders within a 4KM radius. It can also be used to deliver goods to a distribution centre or anywhere within a city.  


Wefast is a hyperlocal delivery service company that currently serves top-tier cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. We fast primarily offer round-the-clock local delivery services for online stores. You can also automate your sales and delivery process using its API integration.


Lalamove is among India’s leading on-demand delivery service providers and has an international presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, etc.

In India, they cover leading cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Delhi. Its doorstep pickup and delivery facilities allow one to deliver the package the same day. One can easily choose from delivery modes like mini-truck and bike delivery, depending on the requirements.


Hyperlocal delivery is the next level in the logistics industry that caters to the faster delivery needs of the customers. One can easily register on Pickrr and choose from a wide range of hyperlocal delivery service providers. You can easily compare the rates on Pickrr and choose the best one as per your business needs.  


1. Does Pickrr offer hyperlocal delivery services?

Pickrr is the leading logistics aggregator in India that offers hyperlocal delivery services from numerous courier service providers. You can choose one as per your needs and requirements.

2. What are the delivery charges on Pickrr?

The delivery charges vary depending on what kind of goods you want to deliver and which city you wish to schedule your pickup in. Some courier providers also have a flat rate depending on the location. You can check it all on Pickrr.

3. What can I deliver using hyperlocal delivery services?

Hyperlocal delivery services can be used to deliver a wide range of goods locally. Primarily it is used for delivering food, medicines, groceries, etc. 

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