Pickrr Or Xpressbees: Which is a better option?

The logistics industry is the backbone of an economy, and it is the driving force behind almost all sectors. A primary concern for customers about logistic services is the cost involved and the time taken for delivery. While several individual players are trying to meet the logistics and courier requirement of the burgeoning e-commerce and other industries, few have found a niche in it.

Pickrr – A Courier Aggregator 

A logistic firm needs to bring in tech innovations to perform well and meet customer expectations in the tech-enabled world. It’s here the services of businesses like Pickrr come to help. Unlike other logistics and supply chain management companies like Xpressbees, Pickrr is not a standalone company that delivers your orders.

Instead, Pickrr is a courier aggregator that gives you access to all leading courier providers in India. They act as a single touchpoint between you and multiple carriers so that you don’t have to worry about reaching out to different shipping partners individually. Moreover, their order fulfilment team is committed to delivering timely shipments independent of the order volumes.

Pickrr had created India’s 1st virtual courier service for e-commerce deliveries, online sellers, SMEs, resellers, and D2C brands looking for a seamless shopping experience. If you want to ship anything anywhere in the world, Pickrr will take care of it.

In addition to stellar customer service, with Pickrr, you get better performance, better tech/integration, and increased financial transparency with which you can ship your orders at cheaper rates than your direct courier partner making Pickrr the best delivery partner for eCommerce.

Pickrr’s Saas-Based Service

Pickrr has developed a niche in the market due to its SaaS-based service that facilitates optimized logistics. They have combined the right mix of tech and customer support to order the shipments efficiently, providing a seamless service in all aspects. There are no hidden charges, and their prices are considered the lowest in the market.  

Unique Dashboard

Even if you are sending your orders through multiple service providers, you can track and view the status of your shipment on the Pickrr dashboard. Also, it sends timely email and SMS alerts to keep the clients updated about their order status.

XpressBees Logistics Company

XpressBees was founded in 2015 and had over 100+ distribution centres in India. They reach out to over 13,000 pin codes in India. XpressBees offers express delivery for certain types of shipments, and they cater to a wide variety of products from pharmaceuticals to heavyweight items like machinery. They specialize in express delivery, customs clearance, and a connected network of fulfilment centres.

Pickrr Vs XpressBees

  • Pickrr is a courier marketplace that gives you access to all leading courier providers in India, whereas Xpressbees is a logistics service provider in India. It is a courier aggregator, and hence, it can cover areas that are aggregate of all its partners. It can service even to the remotest part due to this. Pickrr has the unique advantage of increased coverage through its partnerships.
  • Pickrr has developed a niche in the market due to their SaaS-based service that facilitates optimized logistics, whereas Xpressbees doesn’t have the edge of SaaS-based service. 
  • On Pickrr, you can select a shipping partner of your choice while initiating the delivery process. Xpressbees doesn’t offer such an option for customers. Pickrr has come up with a unique dashboard that helps you track all your orders done through multiple service partners in one place. 
  • Pickrr is known for its competitive pricing, and there are no hidden charges or surcharges other than the freight pricings which are considered the lowest in the market.


Before you tie up with your logistics partner, you need to consider several parameters. In addition to cheap rates, you need to look at their pin code reach, order tracking, speed of delivery, speciality shipping services, and optimal returns management.

Pickrr’s pioneering SaaS platform acts as a virtual logistics arm for their clients and advises the most efficient delivery partner to take care of clients’ orders starting from picking up the product and shipping it to any destination. 


What are the carriers Pickrr has partnered with?

Pickrr has partnered with critical Indian carriers like Delhivery, FedEx, Bluedart, Xpressbees, Shadowfax, Ecom Express, and Ekart. It acts as the single touchpoint between you and 20+ pages so you can manage your orders faster and with more efficiency. You can place unlimited orders on one platform. 

What are the places Pickrr delivers? 

Pickrr has completely revolutionized how a business vendor ships a product to their customer anywhere in the world. With Pickrr, businesses can deliver any product to any location around the globe with a few clicks. Their partners will handle everything from picking up the product, packing it, and shipping it to any destination. You can ship anywhere in India across 26,000+ Indian pin codes and 200+ countries worldwide. 

Does Pickrr help clients in choosing a carrier?  

Yes, Pickrr’s automatic carrier selection processes high-volume deliveries faster than ever with Calcula, their AI-powered engine. It helps you select the ideal carrier for your shipment needs. 

Are there any subscription charges on Pickrr?

No, Pickrr doesn’t charge any subscription fee. It has a policy of zero surcharges and overhead costs to its clients. Clients have to pay only for what they ship.

Does Pickrr offer any integration for Amazon Sellers?

Yes, Pickrr has an easy-to-use plugin developed for Amazon orders to help Amazon Self Ship sellers ship orders quickly across India.

What are the industries XpressBees cater to?

XpressBees cater to various industries ranging from e-commerce to pharmaceutical and healthcare, banking and finance, heavy machinery and manufacturing, food and groceries, automotive and auto parts, and consumer goods.

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Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

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