Pickrr Vs Shiprocket: Which One is Better for Your E-Commerce Business

Considering transporting things to a specific location within India but only have a limited amount of time? Contact an established shipping business or best delivery partner for eCommerce to assist you with your shipment needs. Because of their numerous advantages, these organizations are incredibly beneficial in reducing the need for the postal system.

Pickrr and Shiprocket are two shipping and carrier logistics that we have compared briefly to provide you with a clear understanding. This blog will assist you in determining which of the options is the best fit for your eCommerce organization.


Presently, Pickrr is one of the best delivery partners for the eCommerce market. Pickrr is India’s top-performing business that’s developing quickly. It was formed in 2015 by IIT and ISB alumni who are well-versed in entrepreneurship and have specialized knowledge in logistics and technology. Pickrr is known for providing lightning-fast delivery even to the most remote parts of India, which is its specialization.

Pickrr offers discounted charges based on the number of orders that are processed each month by the company. Businesses are liberated to begin to focus on running their business as the logistics handles shipping for them and delivers a consistent yet straightforward, multi-channel order management system.

Pickrr delivers over 29,000 pin codes across India, so you don’t have to worry about where your package is going when it’s being offered. Professional courier picking, packing, and delivering your things are available in three different timeframes—within 24 hours, 4-5 hours, and 90 minutes.

Pickrr’s national delivery service allows you to transport anything from anywhere, including groceries and pharmaceuticals. The delivery prices for each option are different, and you are also charged based on the weight of the package. You may schedule a pickup time and track the progress of your item through the app.

Features of Pickrr

  • It operates on a pay-per-use model, allowing small-scale firms to expand with a minimal investment in money.
  • Additionally, it delivers services on a national and international level. It also offers both business-to-business and business-to-consumer delivery.
  • Both online vendors and buyers benefit from the tracking capabilities provided by the company, which results in satisfied customers on both sides.
  • It also offers a courier service home facility to various locations, which helps internet vendors keep their clients happy and satisfied.
  • It provides services at a meagre cost so that online stores may make a profit. It offers three different pricing options to make things easier for online retailers, making it the best delivery partner for eCommerce services.
  • It also includes NDR calling support, as well as NDR management tools, among other things.


Shiprocket is one of the largest shipping aggregators in India, with over 20,000 clients. Shiprocket has been giving pickup and online shipping services to retailers since 2012, and it has a network of eight shipping partners, including Aramex and FedEx, among others. According to customer feedback, the tracking platform is simple to use, and the dashboard provides an extensive list of criteria for analysis to choose from.

It provides coverage for over 20,000 pin codes and also offers low shipping rates for its customers. There are four main pricing plans provided by Shiprocket, namely Lite, Basic, Advanced, and Pro, each of which is determined by the number of orders placed on their platform.

pickrr eCommerce Logistics Company

Features of Shiprocket

  • In addition to being inexpensive, it also provides reduced pickup and delivery costs, enabling online retailers to gain profits by offering consumers reasonable rates for their products.
  • It also includes e-commerce traders with four different pricing plans from which they may choose the one that best suits their needs.
  • It offers a dashboard that enables both the online vendors and the customers to track information about the package.

Why is Pickrr the best Delivery Partner for eCommerce Business?

Your logistics approach has the potential to alter your customers’ buying experience completely. You require a logistics partner who is capable of supporting your company’s expansion.

Pickrr has several advantages over the other shipping methods available on the market. Numerous outstanding benefits provide you with a competitive advantage over your competition in the industry, ranging from a warehousing facility to timely COD remittances.

  • AI-based Assistance

Pickrr is committed to the success of its clients, and that is why we provide an artificial intelligence-based facility. You can catch delivery remarks right away if you use our AI-featured trait. If you log onto the NDR panel in real-time, you can see RTO-marked shipments that have been dispatched in real-time. 

  • Courier Partners

Because you rely on a few delivery logistics, you are unable to serve customers in several places. Pickrr is partnered with more than 50 channel partners, including Shopify, Unicommerce, Bikayi, Magento, and many others, to efficiently fulfill orders. 

  • Free Sign up Option

Using our technologically advanced platform is entirely free, and you will only be charged for the items you send.


According to what we’ve seen thus far, each shipping service provider listed above has its own set of advantages, with some outperforming others in terms of functionality and offerings.

Although it is up to the business owner and their specific requirements to make the ultimate selection, select the best delivery partner for eCommerce that allows you to save money on shipping costs while also increasing your profits by comparing the login, monitoring, and other features of Pickrr and Shiprocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to delivery services, do delivery services provide anything?

Generally, courier services offer low, customizable fees for more specific, integrated shipping services. Some logistics may additionally provide rapid delivery and cash on delivery (COD) services, in addition to a broad pin code reach. A small number can handle both forward and reverse logistics from beginning to end, and a smaller number even perform quality checks on returned commodities.

What are courier management software solutions, and how does it work?

A courier management software is a platform that helps e-commerce enterprises track shipments and analyze courier performance, which aids the e-commerce company in manifesting orders and tracking shipments.

Would a logistics aggregator offer package handling services?

While some logistics businesses, such as Pickrr Logistics, offer packaging services, most only provide packaging separate and billable services to customers.

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