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Start Shipping From Home With Pickrr Effortlessly

Running an e-com business does not require an elaborate network or large workforce. All you need is a good product and the willingness to reach people. Today’s modern technology has enabled us to run shipping businesses right from our homes. 

This is possible with the help of an AI-powered courier aggregator. Some tools partner with leading Indian carriers and courier companies to make shipping fast and effortless.  

What You Need to Know Before You Start 

Here are some pointers to help you organize your business from home before we explore the superior technology. 

  • Start with the packaging. If you cater to different sizes for your products, then ensure they are made to fit. They must look presentable while being cost-effective, sustainable, durable, and sturdy. 
  • Secure your products. While most courier providers are extremely cautious with your shipment, it’s also a duty to provide sufficient reinforcement. Use products like bubble wrap or Thermocol if your objects are susceptible to breakage. 
  • Add a message. Your shipments are also an opportunity to promote your brand further. Add a note to your customers or share additional discount coupons and promotions. 
  • Consider your product costing in a way to account for the shipping cost. This also allows you to promote your brand as “free shipping.”
  • Create a list of shipping rates and calculate your most viable options. 
  • Add your branding to the package. Your brand’s name, logo, contact details, etc., must go on your packages. 
  • Note down a list of shipping constraints that could come in the way of your delivery—for example, no free delivery to specific pin codes. 
  • Focus on reducing turn-around time. The best way to boost your business is to send out your shipments faster to your users. This can only happen with careful supply-chain planning, stocking, and studying every trend. 

How to Start Shipping From Home With Pickrr?

As mentioned earlier, Pickrr is one such courier aggregator that helps small businesses manage their e-com business from home. They have an AI-powered tool that enables you to pick the best carrier for every delivery. A simple dashboard helps to control all the various parameters. 

Here are a few ways it makes this process effortless: 

More Than Just Logistics  

Pickrr streamlines shipping and order fulfilment, allowing businesses to increase. They also make it easy to manage your deliveries across different carriers from a single dashboard, making shipping more cheap and convenient.

Better Pincode Reach 

Although running your business from home, the internet enables you to find clients around the world. Using Pickrr, you can send your products to more pin codes when compared to s single carrier. 

Use of Warehouse and Fulfilment Centers 

To help propel your direct-to-consumer business, Pickrr has a set of warehouses and advanced fulfilment solutions. This will enable you to conduct a single-day or two-day delivery using their exclusive network. 

This means you can ship your products to a nearby warehouse and then use a different delivery carrier from that spot. This allows you to leverage their internal network for faster shipping.  

E-Com Platform Integration 

Pickrr integrates with the majority of e-commerce platforms and syncs all of your orders into a single dashboard. This helps you run your business from home with just a computer. Be it any platform like Shopify or your website; these tools can perfectly connect all the dots. 

Data to Scale 

When working with a small team, or in some cases a one-person team, you also need data to track your business progress. This is possible with Pickrr’s advanced data points. It’s not easy for you to study trends, understand the consumer, and plan your expansion. 


With a platform like Pickrr, you can make the most of your shipping-depended business. You can send across the world, at incredible costs, and learn about your brand—all of this for no added prices and flawless delivery. 

Frequently Added Questions (FAQs)

How is Pickrr different from direct courier providers?

Pickrr is not a courier provider but an aggregator. They are a coalition of many of the agencies that do the same task. But having the option to cherry-pick the carrier of your choice gives better cost-benefits and efficiency. 

How do I start shipping with Pickrr?

It’s as simple as signing up for a new email ID. Just place your order, and the sales team will reach out to you. They will ensure the best services are tailor-made for your business. 

I am already working with an aggregator. Why should I shift to Pickrr?

Apart from being a highly professional SaaS-based business, Pickrr offers no surcharges. This will ensure your focus remains in the industry without adding to your logistics costs. They also have over five years of experience and can back their tech ideally.

Does Pickrr sell any products online?

Pickrr is a logistics aggregator that works with prominent Indian carriers for faster service, more accessible access, and cost-efficiency. They don’t sell anything online or in person.

Can I select a shipping partner of my choice?

Yes, you can choose your preferred shipping partner when starting the delivery procedure. There is a vast list to look into and select the best alternative. Additionally, you can also depend on intelligent AI to do this task on your behalf.

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Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

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