Pickrr Vs Delhivery

The Complete Guide to Pickrr Vs Delhivery

Delivery logistics are one of the most important aspects of running an e-commerce firm, and they must be done correctly at all times. Customers’ expectations have shifted dramatically in recent years, with the majority now expecting a speedy and dependable delivery service.

Customers have a large number of options in the present day while purchasing something online. This has set in motion a total revolution in terms of eCommerce shipping techniques. Customers rely on updates, and receiving them demonstrates that a corporation is concerned about obtaining their goods on schedule. 

Customers’ purchasing experiences can be made or broken by how well you manage your inventory. According to some studies, if your consumers do not receive their orders on time, it can result in adverse experiences that may also affect their purchasing preferences in the future.

As a result, selecting a dependable and effective delivery logistics option for your company is critical. To dispatch your order methodically and not miss out on all the incoming orders, you must use a shipping solution.

Check out this simple comparison to help you pick between Delhivery and Pickrr as the best delivery logistics for your e-commerce business. This will assist you in determining which of the options is the best fit for your eCommerce enterprise. 


Today, Pickrr is one of the most well-known supply chain logistics companies in the e-Commerce market. As a result, their expertise can give expedited delivery to even the most remote regions throughout India. With its pioneering software-as-a-service (SAAS) based platform, Pickrr operates as a virtual logistics arm for sellers, recommending the most efficient delivery partner who can handle all of the inconveniences-from picking up the merchandise to shipping it to any location imaginable.

Pickrr helps e-commerce businesses extend their network and increase their market share by partnering with India’s top 17+ courier partners and delivery providers to make their delivery orders as fast and cost-effective as possible. It assists organizations in increasing efficiencies while simultaneously lowering costs and increasing production rates.

Pickrr allows you to ship throughout India and into about 220 destinations. When you use Pickrr delivery logistics, you avoid having to worry about shipping and accounting. You can have all your orders placed and shipped with a single click. Shipping platforms automatically handle shipment fulfillment for commercial customers while also providing a cohesive multi-channel order management system.

How Pickrr Can Help You Grow Your Online Business

  • Furthermore, it offers an on-demand pickup service for numerous locations, helping online retailers keep their consumers happy.
  • With Pickrr Plus-the Intelligent Warehousing Solution, your customers will receive delivery three times faster. A central warehouse delivers goods to customers within 1-2 days’ distance from the point of sale.
  • Grow your return to origin (RTO) while reducing late deliveries. It takes less time to get NDRs (Non-Delivery Reports)
  • Customers require dependable customer service to get the greatest possible experience, including the cheapest international shipping for better customer service.
  • Pickrr allows you to ship orders in just three simple steps. Become a member->Recharge-> Begin shipping your order today.


Delhivery enables small and medium businesses to maintain their competitiveness by providing the requisite shipping services. The entrance of the eCommerce industry has resulted in a significant shift in the requirements of enterprises. Using Delhivery, you may avoid the inconvenience of delivering goods and services to individual customers’ homes with affordable Delhivery courier charges.

Due to the high-quality services provided by Delhivery’s supply chain logistics network, you may rest and concentrate on other business areas. The use of Delhivery’s commercial logistics services can yield numerous benefits, including cost reductions and significant improvements in the flow of goods across the supply chain.

With effective administration, it is possible to maintain complete control over the entire supply chain network. Small and medium-sized businesses can, in the long run, employ Delhivery pickup options to keep their clients while concentrating on their expansion.

pickrr eCommerce Logistics Company

Features of Delhivery

  • At Delhivery, you will be able to choose from a variety of shipping and logistics delivery choices.
  • Our Delhivery platform makes it easy to track your shipments and anticipate when they will reach their designated destinations.
  • Delhivery helps customers have delivery alternatives available on-demand, such as same-day delivery and discounted Delhivery courier charges.


Shipping determines whether or not your complete order fulfillment procedure is successful. Also, it is critical to find delivery logistics acceptable for your organization. Using this illustration of Pickrr and Delhivery can assist you in obtaining the information you need about the companies.

Find a solution for your organization that’s economical and effective to both cut costs and improve operations. Pickrr provides a variety of delivery services, such as speedy COD reconciliation and efficient NDR administration, that can assist you in propelling your company to the top of the rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the process through which a logistics supplier calculates shipping rates?

Most delivery logistic aggregators compute fees based on two primary metrics: the volume of orders received and the average dimensions (size and weight) of each order. For this reason, most aggregators either provide monthly plans or per shipment fees, some of which are unconditional and others which depend on the total number of orders fulfilled each month.

Which logistics aggregator in India is the most affordable?

Once again, there is no single solution to this issue because it is dependent on your requirements, available resources, and the volume of orders received. There are many delivery logistics like FedEx, Shyplite, DTDC courier, etc. In addition, Pickrr charges variable prices per shipment depending on the number of orders received, with larger quantities of orders resulting in a lower cost per shipment charge.

Is there a specific time when e-commerce companies require a courier, shipping, or logistics aggregator?

When a company’s monthly order volume hits a certain threshold (say, 500+), partnering with the top delivery logistic aggregator becomes critical to meet the needs of its customers.

To solve the difficulties of fulfilling eCommerce orders, eCommerce businesses require software that incorporates several carriers, shipping and courier APIs, quick and simple access to client order information, shipping charges, and numerous payment alternatives.

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