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Warehousing is the process of storing goods to be sold or sent to potential customers saves delivery time and shipping hassles. It is one of the essential aspects of the eCommerce business. Whether big or small, every business looks forward to providing the best shipping services to their customers. 

The small-scale businesses prefer their warehouses or inventory in the basement or a spare room. In contrast, a big, established business sets their warehouse by renting a building or a particular place. 

With the help of a proper warehouse fulfilment solution, it is easy for an eCommerce business to provide smooth and hassle-free shipping to its customers. 

The warehousing processes depend on the warehouse operation’s magnitude, the type of warehouse and storage, the company culture, the temperature of the products, and the volume of goods moving through the facility. However, every warehousing service has five critical processes in common. They are:

1. Receiving

2. Putaway

3. Picking

4. Packing

5. Shipping


Receiving involves a lot of activity, and any interruption in this step can impact the entire operation. The goods received are initially checked with the supplier’s packing document. Then the goods are inspected for damage. 


Putaway is the process of moving the goods from the receiving area to where they will be stored. This process involves calculating the resource and space requirements for each item. Goods that are similar to each other are usually held together to be located and distributed efficiently. 


Picking uses many resources and usually takes 60% or more of the warehouse’s staff to perform the process. It means that it has a significant influence on your supply chain’s productivity.


Packing consists of combining all the items in a sales order together and getting them ready for shipment. This process involves packing the items in a suitable container, weighing the packed order, printing relevant labels, and selecting the exemplary courier service to complete your delivery.


Shipping is the process of dispatching your orders to their respective customers. The shipped goods are packed early to avoid cluttering in the staging areas, leading to late deliveries and confusion. The process is aligned with the carrier pick up times.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is a necessary aspect of eCommerce fulfilment. It is a concept to manage warehouse working that includes demand forecasting, instructing people at the warehouse, scaling operations with business growth, keeping track of daily shipments, and managing inventory effectively.

A Warehouse Management System is responsible to

  • Hold data and automation to conduct demand analyses, forecast sales and create efficient daily operating plans.
  • Provide real-time insight into inventory location and quantity.
  • Share data with other ERP modules or standalone software products, such as accounting software and transportation management solutions, to increase the efficiency of business operations.
  • Monitor and report productivity to offer a deeper understanding of how efficiently your warehouse is operating and how you can improve warehouse geography and optimize space.
  • Create step by step directions to guide users through daily processes—such as receiving, picking and packing orders—using predefined rules.

Good warehouse management ensures all warehouse processes run as efficiently and accurately as possible to achieve this goal. For instance, warehouse management involves:

  • Improving the use of warehouse space to maximize inventory storage.
  • Securing adequate staffing.
  • Efficiently fulfilling orders.
  • Regulating communication with suppliers and transportation companies so materials arrive and orders ship on time.

India has various order-fulfilment services to choose from and you must compare a few significant features while selecting a fulfilment service. These include minimum order requirements, multiple warehouse facilities, customer support and Pickrr fulfilment. One of the best options for logistics warehousing fulfilment solutions is Pickrr, India’s top digital logistics aggregator. It has launched Pickrr Plus Warehousing solutions to provide easy and fast shipping to its customers.

Pickrr Plus is a modern eCommerce fulfilment platform that charges your D2C business and delivers a distinctive experience to your customers with Prime like 1-day / 2-days express delivery.

This uses software, the Warehouse Management system, used to manage end to end warehouse operations. All actions in the warehouse are performed using this software. It helps track real-time movement of inventory in the warehouse and integrates Order management systems or Shopping channels.

The Pickrr Plus fulfilment solution by Pickrr provides the below features:

  • Creation of item data master falls (item details, SKU code, MRP, bar codes)
  • Purchase order/ Stock transfer note creation
  • Quality check enabled GRN (Goods Receipt Note)
  • Placement of inventory on racks/shelves with pre-assigned addresses
  • Picking of inventory against orders received
  • Integration with Pickrr to generate shipping labels/invoices
  • Tracking of the order lifecycle


Warehousing is vital for businesses that import, export, transport and manufacture goods. Having a particular location for your products gives you control over your products and helps you ensure that your customers receive their orders on time. Keeping everything organized in one place can also save you money and boost your productivity.

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Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

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