Pickrr Vs Aramex 

Which is better for your business: Pickrr or Aramex

At a time of globalization, digitization, and burgeoning e-Commerce, logistics plays a crucial part in moving goods from suppliers or distributors to buyers. It’s an essential link in the supply chain. 3PL (third-party logistics) partners provide warehousing, fulfilment, fast courier, and returns of certain goods. 

Pickrr Vs Aramex 

A large number of tech-savvy entrepreneurs are showing a keen interest in logistics, too. Bringing cutting-edge technology to a data-driven approach, such start-ups have been changing the way logistics operate. 

Pickrr is India’s first virtual courier service, and they offer their services to over 200 countries in the world and deliver to almost all the places in India. From online deliveries for e-commerce to direct-to-customer brands, Pickrr has established itself as one of the leading logistics providers in the Indian and national scene.  

Starting in 2015, Pickrr offered an integrated platform for their customers, providing access to clients to all leading courier services in India. It helps businesses scale fast by assisting them to streamline shipping and order fulfilment

Pickrr can be integrated easily with your store, and their AI-powered dashboard is compatible with most e-commerce marketplaces and platforms.

Pickrr, thus, provides a seamless shipping experience to their clients, and they help you ship anything to anyplace in the world. 

Features of Pickrr

Widespread Coverage: Pickrr is a courier aggregator, and that’s their biggest strength. Due to their partnership with many leading courier and logistics brands, they can reach out to the nook and corner of India. They deliver over 26,000 pin codes in India and over 200 countries abroad.  

Fast Delivery: You can deliver a unique experience to your customers with Pickrr’s Prime like 1-day / 2-days express delivery.

Aids Scalability: Pickrr has developed a unique dashboard that enables e-commerce businesses to ship more efficiently. The SaaS platform offers logistical support for its clients. It even suggests the most efficient delivery partner so that from pick up to delivery, e-commerce can optimize their shipping and reach out to any destination.

Single Point Of Contact: It works as a single point of contact between businesses and over 20 carriers. This helps companies to place unlimited orders on one single platform. Pickrr allows companies to deal with demands faster. 

AI-Powered Order Processing: It offers a single platform to reach out to multiple logistics players. Its AI-powered order processing software helps select the best rates while getting the maximum coverage. Their intelligent warehousing and fulfilment solution is a boon for direct-to-customer businesses. They also offer multi-location and courier service home pickup for your goods. 

Specially Designed Weight Slabs: Pickrr helps you choose the best weight slabs to reduce your spending, and you can select from 500gms to 10kgs to suit your shipping requirement.

Pay-Per-Use Model: Businesses need not have to pay subscription charges for using Pickrr’s platform. You have to pay only when you ship. There is no fixed monthly rental for using Pickrr.

Easy Integration: Pickrr is easy to integrate with almost all e-commerce platforms, and it can be combined with Shopify, Magento, Unicommerce, and Woocommerce for efficient order management.

Advanced Analytics: Pickrr sends daily email and SMS alerts so that you can track your shipment in real-time. They also send performance evaluation reports, which helps to track your business growth. With their advanced analytics, you can track all your orders on a real-time basis.

Advantages of Aramex

Aramex is based in the UAE and is listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM). It is a global brand known for its innovative products and customized services. 

Strategic Location: Aramex is located in the middle of East and West. This helps them offer customized logistics solutions effectively and reach more businesses and consumers both regionally and globally.

Express Delivery: Aramex has offered market-leading express delivery and logistics services to the Middle East and other rising economies. They offer express courier delivery, supply chain management, logistics, freight forwarding, e-commerce, and record management services.

Asset-Light Business Model: Aramex follows an asset-light business model. It has been helping them to quickly adapt to challenging market conditions, accomplish last-mile delivery solutions, and swiftly respond to shifting customer preferences. Instead of investing in infrastructure through their Aramex global network, they partner or acquire domestic-focused logistics companies with strong local networks that have transportation solutions in place for efficient and effective last-mile delivery. 

At a Glance

Pickrr Vs Aramex

Founded In20151997
Pin Code Reach26,000 plus in India, 200 + countries globally8000+ in India, 220+ Countries globally
Value-Added Services and BenefitsExpress delivery, Fast Return to Origin (RTO)Express Delivery, COD, Co-packaging, Bulk Shipping
USPCourier AggregatorAsset-light business model through partnership and acquiring


Both Pickrr and Aramex come with their strengths. While Pickrr can count on the partnership with several leading logistics providers, Aramex achieves its vision by partnering or acquiring local networks based on area coverage, infrastructure, and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Aramex Return Service?

Aramex Return allows customers to send a document or parcel that needs a signature or any other action and then to be returned to the sender.

What is the Door-to-Door service of Aramex?

Aramex picks up shipment(s) from the sender’s door (e.g., warehouse) and handles all the exporting paperwork in the airport of origin, ships it to the recipient’s country, takes care of customs clearance, charges, and other airports importing regulations, and delivers it to the recipient’s last address.

Can I select a shipping partner of my choice on Pickrr?

Yes, you can select a shipping partner of your choice while beginning the delivery process. 

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Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

Trusted by the Best 25,000+ sellers

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