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• Best User Experience
• Hassle Free Tracking
• Reverse Pickups & best international covrage


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• Global B2C / B2B shipping.
• NDR Management Tool
• Hassle Free Remittance
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  • How do I start shipping with Pickrr?

    Just drop in your details through our chat engine or click here to fill in your details and we will get in touch with you within a few hours. Alternatively, you can send your requirements to

  • How is Pickrr different than direct courier providers?

    Pickrr is a courier aggregator, as and when you open an account with us you get access to ALL leading courier providers in India. You will not be required to transact with different providers rather just to our Key Account managers independent of the courier partner you choose. Our services team is experienced in helping products get delivered in-time without any hassle independent of your order volumes. Also, our remittance cycles, portal, are specifically developed to assist eCommerce companies grow.

  • I am already working with an aggregator. Why should I
      shift to Pickrr?

    We get this a lot! Pickrr has developed a niche in the market due to our tech & services combination. Our customer support is always a call away to help you out with any queries/concerns you might have. Oh, and did we mention there are NO extra charges we incur so that you can focus on your core business rather than stressing over extra logistics costs. This means- NO Subscription charges, NO Fuel surcharges, NO Currency Adjustment Factor, NO Infrastructure Development Charge. In short, there are no hidden charges over and above our freight charges which are the lowest in the market.

  • How can Pickrr help me in reducing my return ratio

    Return ratio for Cash on Delivery Orders are much higher than those of prepaid orders. There are multiple reasons for this - Cancellations/rejections post shipping can be decreased by an order confirmation call. Fake remarks are also a sad reality of logistics industry in India, these can be overcome through a well-planned NDR process. Pickrr provides both these services to our clients, we have seen a RTO ratio decrease of around 3% just by implementing these two processes.

  • Does Pickrr sell any products online?

    NO, Pickrr does not sell any products. Pickrr takes care of logistics including order management, order placement, pickup and delivery for our customers. In case you have any concerns regarding product quality, please directly contact the store from which the order was placed.