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How do I start shipping with Pickrr?

Just signup, recharge your wallet and start placing orders within minutes. Our Sales team will give you a call within an hour of your first recharge to explain all the details. In case of any urgent queries, you can send your requirements and we will reach out to you at the earliest!

How is Pickrr different from direct courier providers?

Pickrr is a courier aggregator that gives you access to all leading courier providers in India. We act as a single touchpoint between you and multiple carriers to save you the hassle of reaching out to different shipping partners individually. Moreover, our order fulfilment team is committed to delivering timely shipments independent of your order volumes. In short you get better performance, better customer service, better Tech/integration, and increased financial transparency at cheaper commercials than your direct courier partner

I am already working with an aggregator. Why should I shift to Pickrr?

We get this a lot! Pickrr has developed a niche in the market due to our SaaS-based service that enables optimized logistics. We levy zero surcharges so that you can focus on your core business rather than stressing over extra logistics costs. This means - NO Subscription charges, NO Fuel surcharges, NO Currency Adjustment Factor, NO Infrastructure Development Charges. In short, there are no hidden charges over and above our freight pricings which are the lowest in the market. Additionally, over our journey of 5+ years, we have championed the right mix of tech and customer support so that you get the best possible support to deliver your orders efficiently

How can Pickrr help me in reducing my return ratio (RTO)?

The return ratio for Cash on Delivery Orders is much higher than that of prepaid orders. Cancellations/rejections post shipping can be decreased by an order confirmation call. Fake remarks are also a sad reality of the logistics industry in India and can be avoided through a well-planned NDR process. Pickrr provides both these services to our clients - and we have seen a RTO ratio decrease of around 3% just by implementing these two processes

Is Pickrr a courier partner?

No. Pickrr is a logistics aggregator that partners with leading Indian carriers and courier companies to make shipping faster, easier and cost-effective

Does Pickrr sell any products online?

No. Pickrr is a logistics aggregator that partners with leading Indian carriers and courier companies to make shipping faster, easier and cost-effective for our clients. We do not sell any products online or offline

Which carriers has Pickrr partnered with?

Pickrr has partnered with leading Indian carries such as Delhivery, FedEx, Bluedart, Xpressbees, Shadowfax, Ecom Express, Ekart and more

Can I select a shipping partner of my choice?

Yes, you can select a shipping partner priority of your choice while initiating the delivery process

Is same-day delivery possible?

Yes. Pickrr does partner with hyper-local carriers and same-day shipping is possible depending on the delivery location. This depends on the service availability of our partners

Can I ship anywhere in India?

Yes, you can ship to any and every pincode in India with Pickrr

Will I be charged extra in case the weight of my order doesn’t fall under any of Pickrr’s slabs?

The weight slabs we have help you save any additional costs you might be paying. For instance, a 16kg shipment should be dispatched through the 10kg slab and not the 0.5kg slab, as a 10kg slab is the cheaper option. We charge based on the maximum of either the dead weight or the volumetric weight of the product to be shipped

I’m unable to log into my Pickrr account. What do I do?

In case you have forgotten your password. Please click on the forgot password and we will send you a password reset link to your registered email ID. If you still face issues, please contact your Account manager or write an email

Does Pickrr provide integration for Amazon Sellers?

Yes, we have a very easy to use plugin created for Amazon orders that help Amazon Self Ship sellers to ship with ease PAN India. Sign up or contact your account POC for further details


I have a custom store that isn’t integrated with any e-commerce platform. Can I still ship with Pickrr?

Of course! Pickrr offers custom rest APIs that are easy to install and integrate seamlessly with your store

What all stores does Pickrr integrate with?

Pickrr integrates with all the major eCommerce channels such as:

  • Woocommerce
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Opencart
  • Sumtracker
  • Unicommerce
  • Wordpress
  • Vinculum

Do I need to know how to code to integrate with Pickrr?

Not at all! Pickrr offers ready-to-install customized rest APIs that connect your store with our platform .All you need to do is navigate to our channel integrations page that has easy-to-understand guidelines on how to integrate Pickrr with your store. In case you still face issues, you can contact your sales POC or write a mail to


Will I be charged anything apart from shipping costs?

Pickrr levies zero surcharges and overhead costs to its clients. You only pay for what you ship

How many days will it take to get my COD remittances?

By default, we have a remittance a weekly remittance cycle. We have multiple options for fast remittance cycles based on the order volumes you ship through us. Your sales POC can help you with the best suited plan for you

How do I add my GST number to my order invoice?

Just navigate to Settings> Account settings and enter your GST Details

I do not have a GST number yet , can I ship products?

You can provide your PAN card or Aadhar Card until you get your GST number and start shipping.

I do not want to use Pickrr Wallet to clear invoices

We have multiple options through which you can clear the invoices. This includes COD netoff, where COD Remittance is transferred to your account after reduction of invoice amount. In some cases, we give postpaid billing options as well. Please contact your account POC to check eligibility for the same


Does Pickrr provide the shipping labels for deliveries?

No, clients must print the shipping labels and attach them to the orders before they’re handed over to our shipping partners

Does Pickrr provide packaging?

No, we believe packaging is a very important part for brand building, and we want you to be completely in charge of your brand. We can help you with the optimum packaging guidelines

How do I know my package has been successfully delivered?

Pickrr sends clients timely email and SMS alerts to keep them updated about their order status

How can I keep track of my order status across different carriers?

You can view the order status of your deliveries across different carries on the Pickrr dashboard. Visit and enter your tracking number to track your shipment

What happens if my order gets damaged during delivery?

Pickrr observes the best safety practices and ensures that your orders get delivered safely and securely. We partner with carriers specializing in handling dispatchments of all nature to ensure zero damage during transit. In rare cases of unfulfilled deliveries owing to in transit damage, we provide claims upto the agreed claim amount

Can I schedule a pickup?

When you place an order on Pickrr, a pickup request is auto-generated at the courier partner’s end and a pickup is arranged on the same or the next day based on when the order was placed

Can I change the delivery address of my orders?

In case of incomplete address entry, we notify the clients to enter the completed address to deliver orders successfully. We can also deliver to a new address for some exceptional cases if the address lies in the same pincode as the earlier address

Can I send dangerous goods via Pickrr?

Yes, we dispatch dangerous goods via surface mode. There is a requirement to select Dangerous goods while placing an order from the dashboard or pass this information as a parameter in case of AI integations

What happens if my package gets lost?

We provide a reimbursement upto the agreed claim amount in case of lost shipments

Will my customers get alerts about their order status?

Yes, we send SMS and email communication to customers at regular checkpoints to keep them informed of their order status

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