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Early COD


Chose early COD plan based on your
business requirement.


Receive smooth and timely payouts for your
COD delivered orders.

early COD remittance

Activate Early COD for your business

Steps to activate Early COD

step 1 icon
Go to COD remittance page under Manage Finance menu on Pickrr dashboard
step 2 icon
Click on Get Early COD button highlighted in blue
step 3 icon
Select one of available plan and request activation
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Our team will enable the services for you based on defined billing criteria.

Give Early COD boost to your business

Select a payment plan that suits best for your business needs

2 Days Plan

2 days early COD plan
Daily COD Payouts

Delivered + 2days

At minimal transaction charge

1% of COD amount

Best for
Daily Payouts

3 Days Plan

3 days early COD plan s
12 COD Payouts/month

Delivered + 3days

At minimal transaction charge

0.95% of COD amount

4 Days Plan

4 days early COD plan
8 COD Payouts/month

Delivered + 4days

At minimal transaction charge

0.55% of COD amount

No more waiting for 14 days to get COD amount! Activate Early COD plan and get remittance daily.

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Different plans for different needs
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Quick and transparent remittance
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Cancel anytime, no commitments

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